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Houses in containers of merchandise. Would you live in them?

Can you imagine living in a house that was a container of merchandise? It seems weird, right? But it is not, as more and more individuals and construction companies are engaged in designing and adapting these maritime containers to turn them into fantastic homes.

The possibilities as you will see are endless, as many as we have imagination. Today in the blog I approach the world of houses in containers of merchandise.

Houses in containers of merchandise

best containers of merchandise

The crisis and the high value of housing have led to the proliferation of prefabricated houses in recent years, not only typical wooden houses but also houses that are built by modules in large warehouses and then transported to the site. already manufactured and finished, in the absence of just connecting the different modules that compose them. Read more: 10 ideas for small bathrooms

Some friends of mine are thinking of building their second home on a plot they have in the field and have thought that one way to reduce costs is to design the house using this type of container.

And with what I like challenges and small houses, today I am about to dig a little into this world of houses in freight containers.

Casas in containers of merchandise

Houses in containers of merchandise

The containers are designed to transport goods in a sealed manner, where the weather conditions do not affect the product that goes inside, as they also have appropriate dimensions for human beings, makes them the main characteristics to be able to use them as households.

Other favorable characteristics to use them is that they are easy to transport given that their measurements are designed for that and any truck with the crane can take it.

They can also be stacked, to the eye is that on ships these containers are stacked up to 5 container heights.

Its construction is relatively fast and cheap.

These containers are very resistant which will make the house safer.

But not all are advantages because when designing the spaces you will have to limit yourself to the measures of the containers, although you can always join them together and have more space.

You will also have to adapt the structure of the container, according to the holes for windows that you are going to make.

As in any house, you will not escape from maintenance since you will have to avoid steel corrosion.

And of course, before you start, you will have to study regulations and ordinances of the municipality where you want to install them since it is not common in Spain and you do not have many references of this type of construction.

But hey, it was advantages and disadvantages, I focus on what I like most is mainly the aesthetics and finishes of these houses, both exterior and interior and I show some examples that I found very interesting.

The possibilities and results are incredible, as I commented you can stack, which gives infinite possibilities in terms of the design of the house.

When you join several containers the dimensions of the spaces are extended and you do not seem to be inside a container.

If you cover them with other materials, you forget that the structure of the house is a container.

Some are so spectacular that it is hard to believe that their structure is that of a container of merchandise.

And you, would you live in a house made with a container of merchandise?

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