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Living room lamps 2018. The latest idea

The living room lamps and the brightness of the room are fundamental in the design of living rooms. It is essential the luminosity of natural and essential light but, also it is the artificial light and the design in lamps of the living room.

The amount of light is directly proportional to the sense of spaciousness, the darker it will seem smaller, so if your room is small, you should try not to cover the windows by placing furniture in front or placing models too opaque curtains.

Ideal characteristics that should be met by living room lamps

best living room lamps

The priority and the main objective is to achieve a comfortable environment, at the same time as a good design and a harmonious decoration. For this, lighting is a fundamental factor; the type of lamps that we place, the intensity and the place that we choose can be decisive at the time of obtaining the success that you look for in the result. Read more: Lining in the interior: 5 decor ideas, designer tips

We can combine lamps ceiling living room with table lamps.

The living room dining room lamps can be the same or different when we have the two rooms unified in the same room.

Depending on the style of decoration of our living room, we should place modern lounge lamps or classic lounge lamps.

The lamps standing room can be a good choice when we want to have an ambient lighting or need a very specific point of light.

The importance of lounge lamps

top living room lamps

In interior decoration lighting always seems to be the last step, however, it is one of the most important. This step requires time and attention, both in design and in the search for the appropriate room lamps. One of the most common errors found in the design of lighting and the choice of ceiling lights is to obtain environments that are too bright or dark. The error is so serious in both the excess and the defect.

We want to show you this decoration video with room lamps where we can observe different ideas and compositions. Natural lighting is essential but, no less important are the artificial light spots that we want to incorporate to create the best environments.  Ceiling lamps, desk, standing, spotlights or ambient light, each by itself and several together will be the key to success in interior decoration.

Every time we are more people who buy decoration and furniture accessories online because it is very comfortable and in many cases economic. We leave as an example a link where you can see the latest 2018 lamps

How to decorate with living room lamps

living room lamps 2018

In short, a lighting design,  in the decoration of any room, should take into account the functionality and aesthetics of the final result, should focus on the space and what elements you want to highlight and therefore it is very important:

An adequate distribution of the points of light. The position of the furniture must be taken into account in the design of a lighting project.

The living room lamps that we choose. The lamps have a double function, on the one hand, provide brightness but they are also fundamental as an object of decoration, it is more in many cases, the lamps can be the main protagonists of the design.

We can not forget that the lighting and the type of light that we apply to the room will give different shades to the colors of walls, furniture, and accessories.

Living room lamps for living rooms

the living room lamps

In many projects, the room is multiple spaces, as it serves as a family living room, TV room and place to receive visitors. To satisfy the different demands, we recommend the creation of different environments and this can be easily achieved. The regulators in the switches (or dimmer) and some lamps are commercialized and come ready to vary and control the intensity as you want. These changes in the brightness of your living room will allow you to enjoy these different environments according to the moment; it is not the same, the necessary environment to see a movie that for a meeting of friends.

Another activity that you can usually do in your living room, is reading or using the laptop, so you will need some living room lamps with specific lighting for these specific tasks that require focused and direct light such as floor lamps.

Types of living room lamps

latest living room lamps

We can make countless classifications but the most important one is:

Ceiling room lamps

Depending on the size of your living room and the area you want to cover you can choose largely, medium, small and even custom-made, they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials that can be made of metal, steel, fabric or even paper. Find the perfect model for the design and decoration of your living room. The ceiling lights for the living room should follow the decoration style of furniture and accessories, opting for the modern living room lamps or the classic living room lamps.

Floor lamp standing

In addition to often functioning as a decorative element, it can serve to create separate zones within the same space, for example, a zone for reading.

Table lamp

It serves mainly as a point of auxiliary light and can create a more intimate atmosphere, it is also, and increasingly, an indispensable piece of decoration.

Spotlights and lamps on rail

They offer a clean and very organized effect and can be applied in almost any home. They are perfect for minimalist, modern style decorations and small rooms.

Design living room lamps

The traditional ones are with crystals and very expensive, but the contemporary design is presented in materials as diverse as iron, brass, ceramics, wood, steel, chrome and even paper or plastic. This diversity will allow you to get your living room lamps regardless of the budget you have. Being able to talk about the decoration low-cost rooms of lamps cheap room and lamps living secondhand.

Living room wall lamps

Chosen to carry out a discrete function as a lamp, they can be very decorative pieces and are usually used to illuminate something very concrete like the paintings.


We can not forget them on some important occasions, perhaps they are the most intimate of the illuminations, they offer warmth and light with an aesthetic effect and greater well-being. There are decorative candles in all sizes, colors, and smells, so there is one for every corner of your living room.

Artificial light is always significant in the design of salons. When the room is small, as the main point of light, place some type of ceiling light fixture and with great lighting power, avoiding hanging lamps, which you would only place in the dining room case, on the dining room table.

ceiling lamp dining area

You can place different alternative light points, floor or table lamps, and play with them as decorative objects and not just lighting.

Companies dedicated to decoration, with stores in many places and website available to all of us, offer us options in lighting with different styles and prices; like Leroy Merlin or the Ikea lounge lamps.

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