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decorating the kitchen
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10 good ideas for decorating the kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms to which sometimes we do not pay much attention as far as decoration is concerned. Being a purely functional place, where we make food and little else, we may forget that we can also give it a special air by introducing certain elements that help us to give it a different touch. More personality‚Ķ So today, I want you to see 10 good ideas for decorating your kitchen. Do you dare to put them into practice? Or at least some of them …

decorating the kitchen
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1 – A carpet

Decorate the kitchen with a carpet is a perfect choice to keep the soil constantly staining and also give you a warm and cozy feel to the room.

2 – Flowers in the kitchen

The flowers and plants look great anywhere where put. They bring color and joy, so bet on them also in the kitchen. For this stay my favorite are the aromatic ones, since besides providing a pleasant aroma they help you in your culinary creations. If you prefer flowers, you will add a touch of color to the decoration.

3 – Pictures and slides

The pictures and the pictures look great in the kitchen. You can choose one that has to do with the subject gastronomic, for example, or the reason you like. You can also choose the style, if you like airs vintage with wooden or metal signs, or you prefer something more modern as an illustration, for example.

decorating the kitchen
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4 – Hanging pans and pans

One way to take advantage of the available space in the kitchen while the decorate in a very original way is to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling or wall. If they are colored bronze will get a very distinctive and special rustic decor.

5 – Glass Jars

Glass jars become decorative elements very handy in the kitchen. They fulfill a double function, since they help you organize and keep the stay organized and also decorate it. You can put in spices, pasta, rice … and leave them as is or customize them in some way: painted, with colored tapes, with posters, etc.

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6 – Hanging lamps

I love cooking and hanging lamps with bulbs air. That informal but elegant touch at the same time is very decorative in these rooms.

7 – Folding table

If your kitchen is not especially large but you want to take advantage of the space available to eat or have breakfast in it you can place a folding table that does not occupy much space and you can use when you need. Another idea, if you have window, is ask you a breakfast bar to enjoy the view while you enjoy also your coffee.

decorating the kitchen
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8 – Slate Wall

So you do not forget to buy anything or if you always have your favorite recipe available, a slate wall is the most interesting thing in the kitchen. You can write down what is missing for the dinner that you are going to prepare your friends or leave a message for whoever reads it the next morning. It’s fun and decorative. It can occupy the entire wall or be smaller and hung.

9 – Island – wardrobe

If you have enough space to have an island in your kitchen, congratulations. They look beautiful and are very practical. In addition to using the surface to cook and prepare your favorite dishes, you can place shelves underneath or a drawer to act as a closet and take advantage of this space as storage.

10 – Decorate with textiles

Take advantage of the fact that in the kitchen there are many textiles like tablecloths, rags or napkins to decorate with them. Leave the table set with a nice tablecloth and rags in sight. It will air a cozy to stay.


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