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Your Important Guide to Deciding the Materials for Your Bathroom Refurbishment

Remodeling or refurbishing a bathroom is not as simple as it looks – unlike other rooms in the house, there are a lot of aspects to consider, and this makes it a bit more complicated. For example, a bedroom may simply need a little bit of paint, but when it comes to bathrooms, you need to be more careful since you’re dealing with water and electricity. You need to consider ventilation, fixtures, temperature regulation, and so on…

Luckily, there’s good news. If you have decided on a theme, then all that remains to be done is to choose the materials and ensure they fit with the scheme. Once you’ve decided a theme, it’s a lot more fun. Here’s your important guide on deciding the materials for your bathroom refurbishment.

Measure, measure, measure

It’s the old carpenter’s rule – measure twice, cut once. It’s an important rule, because you don’t want to be wasting money, time, or other resources only to find out that the thing doesn’t fit. Measure, measure, measure. Buy the materials that fit the limitations of your bathroom.

Safety first

You want to make sure that safety always comes first. In this way, follow the other classical rule: all plumbing (except in the shower) should be below the waist. All electrical wiring should be above the waist. Similarly, when it comes to safety, make sure you have anti-slip tiling at the appropriate spots, and avoid sharp edges.

Your worktop is important

Choose the material of your vanity and worktop well. Chances are it is one of the larger expenses you will have as far as fixtures go, but it’s well-spent. Natural stone is a classic; it feels luxurious and elegant. Resin counters are great for irregularly-shaped environments. Laminate counters are more economical, whilst porcelain or glazed materials are durable and easy to clean.

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Consider moisture and humidity

Make sure all your materials can withstand moisture and humidity. Consider details, such as the kind of paint you choose, or the cracks between the tiles.

Choosing your fixtures

As with the vanity or counter, choose carefully. Try to create a theme for all to fit into. It’s never a good idea to be cheap when buying fixtures, so invest. If you have the extra budget, why not splurge on a major investment such as freestanding baths, as bathroom experts from JTSpas suggest. You can already make use of it and be more motivated with your project at the same time.

One more important thing needs to be mentioned: choose your storage facilities wisely. You want it to be practical, after all, but you also want it to blend in with the existing décor and theme you are trying to create. And one other thing to consider: lighting makes a big difference, so do your research and find lighting ideas that are appropriate for your project. Happy designing and have fun with your project!


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