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Canadian house
Architectural Engineering House Plan

Nature and architecture, united in this Canadian house

Today I invite you to travel a spectacular house located south of Montreal, specifically in the town of Hemmingford. It is a slate monolith that emerges from the earth to become a modern house located in a rural landscape, surrounded by extensive fields that seem to want to be part of the construction itself.

The orientation and location of this residence are determined by how the sun behaves in the different seasons of the year and by the views that can be observed from this privileged place. The stonewalls of the old farmhouse that was built before this residence are retained to welcome everyone who comes here and guide you to the main entrance. But there is much more … We will know inside this house of 3,500 square meters. Can you come with us?

Canadian house
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Open spaces

The interior of this house is characterized by open spaces where natural light flows. The house consists of two different volumes of two heights, located on both sides of a double – height space also where the main entrance, a grand staircase and glass walkway on the second level. The staircase also introduces glass in its railings, whose steps are of wood and the support, metallic.

Canadian house
Image Source: Google Image

The distribution of housing

The windows are very large; ranging from floor to ceiling, so this house enjoys great natural light and allows you to enjoy the surrounding views from almost any room. On the ground floor, next to the stairs, is the living room and dining room, with open floor plan. On the other side of the stairs is the kitchen, which leads to the terrace and a games room. A sliding window communicates the kitchen and the porch, allowing the counter of this room to become an island shared between the outside and the interior.

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The second level

On the second point, the glass floor through a hall on the top of the stairs. This kind of bridge serves as a transition between the most private part of this second floor, where is the master suite, with bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, and the common spaces on the other side of this glass walkways, where is the office, the Library and guest bedroom.

Canadian house
Image Source: Google Image

The exterior cladding

The house is clad in slate from a nearby quarry. It is not the typical natural stone cladding with thin plates fixed to the wall structure, but this slate is cut into blocks of variable length and placed in layers, as if they were bricks. Also, this natural slate covers the floor of the entrance and the terrace, which achieves a sense of continuity between the house and its surroundings, connecting the exterior with the interior. As secondary cladding we see cedar wood planks, a memory and homage to the old barn.


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