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How to prepare your home for winter

Forecasters are predicting a particularly cold winter of 2015/16 in northern Europe, so prepare your home for this season becomes more of a priority. There are several steps you can take to prepare the house for the winter, minimize energy expenditure and stay warm until spring. 

Gardens and gutters

Check that the pavement around their property drains well after heavy rain. If you see puddles with the cold may freeze, and cause cracks in the foundation or ice underfoot. The solution will depend on several factors, so contact a specialist in drainage for a professional opinion.

How to prepare your home for winter
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The lower branches near fences, walls or windows may cause damage in a storm, so they should be pruned. Check your roof and walls are not damaged and if necessary, contact a specialist to repair problem areas. Even purely cosmetic issues like broken tiles can keep your home warm efficiently and let rainwater, so it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

Entrust you clean the gutters to prevent falling leaves or debris the jam. If you were Is living is a particularly wet, rainwater can soak the walls and even freeze, damaging the exterior of your property?

Pipes and insulation

Isolation is one of the best ways to prevent heat loss in a house. However, it is sometimes necessary to change or improve the isolation, making it convenient to use a professional. Insulate attics, exterior walls, boiler and even the basement ceiling thorough and efficient manner will greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Similarly, isolate or coated pipes in winter freeze prevent and reduce heat loss. Pipes and outdoor faucets, pipes underneath the garage and the attic are exposed to chilling injury if not properly insulated. If you will go home a few days of scheduled leave your heating to a minimum or, at least, to come on a few hours extra protection against freezing and cracking.


Open fires are a great way to stay warm when it’s cold or to give life to a dark house. However, after a summer without use, it is important first chimney cleaned. There should be a professional association of chimney sweeps in your country. Make sure your chimney sweep is recorded before hiring.

Energy companies recommend doing an annual review of the boiler to ensure that damage does not catch you unexpectedly malfunction and have to go cold. If you are moving to a new home can be a good idea to check or install a new, more modern system that is more efficient.


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