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5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Quonset Hut Built

Quonset huts have a long history and have been a construction of choice for many years. During the First World War, they were redesigned and started to be manufactured out of steel. Steel sheets were mounted on a steel frame to create a cheap, durable structure that could be taken down and reused elsewhere as required. This made them not only popular for military usage, but for residential and manufacturing purposes as well. Here are five reasons you should consider having a Quonset hut built today.

They’re Versatile

Quonset huts can be put down on concrete foundations or wood floors. The only issue is the fact that you have to put the floor down before you can put the hut down. After that, you can install dividers to separate the interior space however you’d like, and the interior dividers can be moved or removed as desired.

In many cases, the Quonset huts can be stretched or folded. You have a lower ceiling but a broader building, potentially giving you more floor space to work with. Then there’s the fact that many Quonset huts can be expanded; this lets you pick a Quonset the size you need today with the possibility of adding a second one or additional attached structure later. Or, you can simply modify it by having a new window or door hole cut out of the structure.

They’re Installed Quickly

A Quonset hut can be assembled and installed in a matter of days. They’re easy to assemble and you don’t have to have experience in construction if you want to do the work yourself.

The assembly process is sped up by the amount of work done at the factory. Companies like SteelMaster Buildings design Quonset huts with pre-cut holes for windows, skylights, and doors. Depending on the kit you buy or the design you request, it could come with rain gutters, roof vents, and wainscoting. Or, you can have them come already insulated.

They’re Spacious

Most Quonset huts don’t have any interior supports beyond the basic frame. This means that the interior is often wide open from side to side and even front to back. This is why many Quonset huts are used for parking jets, heavy trailers, and other vehicles. In other cases, they’re used as barns and tool sheds; that same steel frame that holds up the Quonset shell is a great place to attach storage hooks for holding various tools. Steel Quonset buildings can also support overhead doors as wide as you need them to be.

They’re Safe

Steel Quonset huts are fire-proof and their steel frames help them resist both hurricanes and earthquakes. The steel shell provides protection from rain, sleet, snow, and hail. And they won’t suffer more than a ding from a falling tree branch. Many steel Quonset huts are rust proof, as well as termite-proof and pest resistant.

They’re Affordable

The low cost-material and minimal construction make Quonset huts cheap whether you’re putting one in as a storage building or intend to finish it out as a home. They’re a good value no matter what size you need the final building to be.


Steel Quonset buildings come with a number of advantages. They are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and configurations, making them a great option for storage, as a workspace, or even a living space.

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