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Is your garage cluttered and basically where things go to just get them out of the way? Do you have a mountain of stuff next to your car because the garage just seems like a dumping ground out of sight, out of mind? Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Lots of homes in Charlotte have the same issue. Much of the problem has to do with the fact that when homes are bought and moved into, the garage is left unfinished. So, it becomes a bit of a utility room versus a fully-functioning part of a home.

What Makes a Finished Room?

If comparing to other portions of a home, a garage is a halfway done area. The floor is usually a bare cement slab, the walls might not even have drywall on them and insulation, and the ceiling might be open to the rafters. Exposed wiring can be common too.

The first step to turn around an unfinished garage situation is to finish the floor. In the rest of the home, this is already done with carpeting, tile or some other type of flooring. For the garage, epoxy flooring in Charlotte can be the answer.

Transforming From the Ground Up

The beauty of an epoxy treatment is that a professional process also cleans up the garage too. The cement isn’t simply covered up. It has to be grounded so that the surface is bare and clean before the epoxy is applied. Once that layer goes on, it soaks into the cement and creates a durable, thick seal. The final layer is a protectant that keeps the epoxy in place and provides a top layer for scuffing and similar. The result is a flooring treatment that makes the garage suddenly look like a room people want to be in more than just parking a car. From there, later projects can add drywall to the wall and ceiling and finish those surfaces with painting. With a bit of decor and professional cabinet systems, the garage is suddenly a functional room for entertainment, a second kitchen if a sink and appliances are added, a workroom, a home office and a lot more.

There’s no shortage of ideas, and homeowners should definitely run an Internet search on epoxy garage floor near me terms to see multiple examples of what is possible.

Can I Park the Car Again in the Treated Garage?

Absolutely. Epoxy flooring is designed to handle the weight of vehicles and equipment. In fact, many industrial settings use epoxy treatments for factory flooring and similar because it is durable, easy to clean, prevents staining and damaging of the cement underneath, and it is cost-effective as a new flooring approach.

Epoxy flooring is also long-lasting. It typically just needs a topcoat re-application every few years to restore the outer protective layer that keeps the thicker epoxy in place and solid. This re-treatment is fairly simple and a maintenance step that keeps an epoxy floor lasting for decades.

So, if your Charlotte home needs a boost, try improving the garage. You’ll be surprised at the results, and then even more surprised by what you can do with a finished garage space too.


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