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Have the best swimming pool at home
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Simple ways to have the best swimming pool at home

Years ago, a house with a swimming pool was a distinction of billionaires. Today, the urbanization allow many families to have a garden with enough space to install a pool, and the incessant constructive advances have done the rest: the private pool has become a pleasure almost within the reach of anyone. In this article, we give you 4 strategies to have the best swimming pool at home.

The design should be studied thoroughly to harmonize with the rest of the garden. There are many models that vary in size; materials, shape and depth, and our ideal pool will be the one that best suits the environment. In addition to offering relaxation and sports, the pools also increase the value of the house, so they represent an investment.

4 Ways to have the best swimming pool at home

  1. First steps of the work
  2. The different materials
  3. The extras, greater comfort for low price
  4. Water maintenance

Have the best swimming pool at home-1: First steps of the work

The size of the pool should allow us space around to walk with disengagement, and without getting to occupy all the available land. Basically the market puts at our disposal three types of constructions: the prefabricated, the construction, and the metal panels. In any of the cases, everything will begin with the excavation.

Before starting the movement of land we will have already decided the type of pool that will be installed, as well as its layout and size. The pool will be sheltered from the wind and outside the shadow areas due to walls and trees.

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The size of the pool should allow us space around to walk

Have the best swimming pool at home-2: The different materials

The prefabricated swimming pools have a solid structure, and they resist well to the abrupt changes of temperature, as well as to the chemical and atmospheric agents. They are the cheapest solution, and we have a large number of models to select the most suitable for our terrain. The price logically varies according to the dimensions.

The construction pools have known a renewed impulse thanks to the gunite concrete, which is projected under pressure. It is a highly effective execution because it avoids joints, improving the tightness of the glass, and also allows curved tracings easily. They are more expensive but enjoy the preferences of many owners.

There is also a mixed modality, consisting of alveolar panels assembled on the ground, which are filled with concrete and covered with flexible PVC. Finally, steel pools are quickly gaining market share due to the great speed of their assembly, and the advantages of their almost zero maintenance year after year.

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The prefabricated swimming pools have a solid structure

Have the best swimming pool at home-3: The extras, greater comfort for a low price

If we want our pool to be truly unique we can add some extras to the construction. Underwater lighting in this sense enhances the pool at night and creates different environments combining colors and intensities. The optical fiber is imposed as the safest and most effective system, also with a very low consumption.

If children are the ones who will enjoy the water more, you can also choose a slide or trampoline; the price is not very high in the set of the work, and accessories are always very joyful for the smallest of the house.

Have the best swimming pool at home-4: Water maintenance

The cleaning of the water is fundamental for the health, and in addition, it supposes a valuable thrifty resource: a correct maintenance will allow that the initial water flow lasts many years. The most common is the use of chemical products that disinfect and conserve water, although we can also choose other methods of purification by copper and silver ions.

The most daily and simple task is to clean the filter of the pump. Once the lid is unscrewed, we will remove the basket that collects all the dirt from the pool cleaner, and rinse it well under the water jet. With a few simple guidelines throughout the year, our pool will be the ideal refuge for the whole family during the holidays.The cleaning of the water is fundamental for the health

We hope you will like these ways to have the best swimming pool at home. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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