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Stone and wood house in Urbino
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Stone and wood house in Urbino (Italy)

We travel to the Middle Ages because today we go to Urbino, an Italian town located on a hill whose historic center is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1998. But we are not going to just walk around its streets, we are also going to meet one of their houses.

This house, which is part of a set of three buildings, witnessed the resurgence of a rural village that stands at the top of one of the highest hills of this municipality; a privileged location in a unique environment with a special landscape. This construction is the work of the study Gardini Gibertini Architetti and we know it better from the inside below.

Stone and wood house in Urbino
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Red concrete platform

The structure of this house is placed on a red concrete platform. The house dominates the landscape that surrounds it. This structure has been designed to create spaces filled with natural light. On the other hand, to prevent cars from being parked in sight, the main entrance is found in the basement. The electrical energy reaches this house through a photovoltaic system that is hidden in the land of the property, at a considerable distance from the buildings that make up the complex where this house we know today is integrated.

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The different levels of housing

In the lower area we find some of the common areas of the house, with a cinema room, an exhibition gallery in the place that connects the main building and its annex and a gym with a SPA. Through a staircase we arrive from the basement to the center of the main building, from which it is possible to contemplate some beautiful views towards the pool and towards the landscape that surrounds the house.

The ground floor is projected to the outside and in it is the dining room, the kitchen, the living room and a space for study. The first floor is designed around a landing with railings. At this height there is the main apartment and two double rooms with private bathroom.

There is a third building that is in the garden, on top of an artificial hill. In the basement of this construction there is space to store the gardening material and on the ground floor, a barbecue area.

Stone and wood house in Urbino
Image Source: Google Image

The furniture and decoration

The design of the furniture has also been created by Gardini Gibertini Architetti and the natural walnut wood is the main protagonist. The chosen distribution makes it possible to create a great sense of order in each room.

If we review stay per stay, or at least those we see in the photos, we find a main room with a wooden side table, a large sofa and a wooden table. The walls and ceilings are of the same material and color, in clear contrast with the floor.

In one of the bedrooms draws attention to the wooden wall that divides the room into two different spaces.

Stone and wood house in Urbino
Image Source: Google Image

The bathrooms

The bathrooms are a real last. We see one with double sink, stone countertop and white walls and another, my favorite, which is inside the bedroom that we saw before and that includes a very decorative bathtub located on wooden steps that make it be higher than the rest. The result is spectacular.


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