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Patio Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love

Designing and adding a patio to your home can be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time. The fun part comes when you look at the thousands of designs available and add your own special touch to your final design, but the frustrating part may come when you try to add features that will appeal to all members of your family. When you work with a landscape design Jacksonville company, you can get help designing the perfect patio. Take an existing idea and add your own touches to it.
Entertaining Space

Patios sometimes have a tendency to look a little cold. Whether you choose concrete or pavers, sticking with a more neutral color can add to that cold look. That is why you should opt for cushions and furniture in brighter colors that make the patio both warmer and more comfortable. Creating an entertaining space requires the use of furniture like couches and chairs. Designers can actually create built-in furniture like benches and couches from concrete too. Using throw blankets, pillows and cushions can create a space that makes all guests feel comfortable at your parties.

Built-In Fireplace

Another fun patio design is one that comes with a built-in fireplace. Even if you live in Florida, you know that winter nights can be downright chilly. Instead of ending the party before the sun sets or taking your guests inside, you can let them relax and have fun while curling up around the fireplace. Some fireplaces use gas heat, which cost a little more, but you can also opt for a more traditional fireplace that uses wood. That fireplace puts off enough heat that your guests can roast marshmallows or hot dogs later in the night.

Patio Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love

Raised Patios

Most people think of patios as flat surfaces added to the side, front or back of a home. A more modern take on the traditional design is something called a raised patio. This type of patio sits a few inches or more off the ground. Contractors can flatten the ground, create a frame and pour concrete into that frame to create the basic outline of the patio. You can even add a walkway from the back of your house to the patio and steps leading up to the top. This lets you create a more private space for your family. Customize any classic patio design to meet the needs of your family.


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