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What help is there for air source heat energy?

An air source heat pump can be transformational for any building, from an individual residential property through to a large industrial unit. There is a growing desire to ensure that renewable energy is used as part of any redevelopment or building and air source heat pumps are likely to be central to these opportunities.

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What are air source heat pumps?

An air source heat pump is often referred to as an air-to-water heat pump as it takes the outside air and converts it into hot water that can then be used to heat rooms or to offer hot water to the property in question.

Information relating to the technology itself can be accessed from many central organisations. More specific and tailored advice on air source heat pumps Cheltenham, for example, can be obtained from a local specialist supplier such as

It is always worth identifying the viability of an air source heat pump for your particular property. It is not necessary for the property to be a new-build as air source heat pumps are able to be used across a wide range of properties of different ages. As well as being environmentally friendly, there are substantial savings to be made and there are multiple grants available to support the use of this new technology.

Where can I get help to buy an air source heat pump?

Incentives and grants vary on a day-to-day basis and therefore fresh research should be undertaken every time you go to look at potentially installing an air source heat pump. However, for the most part, there are certain organisations which will always be at the forefront of offering such assistance.

Currently, there is the Green Homes Grant which is a scheme in the UK offering vouchers to homeowners. Other possible options for financial aid are the energy efficiency grants provided by local authorities. Make sure that you consider both government-wide and local authority opportunities. Many banks also offer low-interest loans when renewable energy is being purchased, and this should always be a consideration for homeowners looking to make improvements.

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