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What Are Double Glazing Windows?

Double glazing refers to any type of glazing where the windows are formed by having two panes of glass separated by an air gap. Insulating glass is made up of two or more thin glass window panes cut into different shapes and sealed by a sealed gas or vacuum at both the top and bottom. The thickness of the panes is such that any gas or liquid that leaks past the window cannot go through the seals, thereby ensuring that cold air cannot enter the room. This is to keep the temperature balanced inside the room. It is important to use a professional Double Glazing Tewkesbury company such as Firmfix Double Glazing to have these windows installed.

There are many benefits in having double glazing done for your home. For one, it is very beneficial in terms of energy efficiency because it effectively captures and redirects the existing outdoor heat to provide heat inside the house. In fact, research has shown that upvc double glazed timber windows have nearly three times the amount of ability to insulate a room than standard non-insulated windows. It also works extremely well to reduce noise in the home because it acts as a solid damper to prevent sound coming through from outside. Timber framed windows which use double glazing have been found to have significantly higher resistance to thermal expansion and contraction than normal non-insulated windows.

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When double glazing a room, the double glazed windows must be installed with a backing which is slightly thicker than the first pane because of the increased insulating properties of the second pane. A typical PVC backing for the windows is roughly half the thickness of the window, which can be a little more than 18 inches.



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