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Decoration with hats
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Decoration with hats for your home

Do you like hats? Today we’re going to give several ideas to keep them tidy in a very special way: using them for your home decor. Even if you do not take them all, you can get several of them to decorate your home and give an original touch to your walls and many more places, as discussed below.

If you have many because you love to wear them in summer and winter, it will be a great way to get the best out, out of the closet, and amaze your visitors. We review some proposals so you can inspire and discover what to do with all your hats. You’ll see how decorative are!

Decoration with hats
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Hats in the wall

One way to use hats in your home decor is to hang several of them on the wall. You can create different compositions, more separated from each other or grouped in a single hanger, play with colors, styles, textures … And on the wall that you like in the room, on the couch, around a mirror in the area of the ladder … you have many possibilities.

Coat rack

Another option is to place a coat rack and put in it your hats, just that, without hanging anything else. In the photo you will see a very nice proposals with a coat rack made of tree branches, although you can do with a normal one, whether it is standing as if hanging on the wall, putting hats on each of the hooks.

Decoration with hats
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Head board of the bed

The headboard of the bed is another place in which to expose your hats. You can put a coat over it and, as I said before, each hook to hang a hat, or do it directly on the wall that remains above the bed.

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You can also leave the strategically supported hats on a chair, on a lamp on a shelf, both in the classroom and at the entrance of your home, for example. It is a more casual decor is very elegant.

Decoration with hats
Image Source: Google Image

In the hall

A place where I especially like how this decoration is with hats is in the hall of the house. You can put them on the furniture you have chosen for this place, hung with a cuerdecitas, hooks directly from the wall or a coat rack where you can leave them all. Depending on the style of your home, you can include one or another type of hats; if vintage can put a fedora type or Cloche hats, or even a beret, if rustic style will be great the straw, for example. You can put them in different sizes and shapes; even leave any on the chair.

Suspended from the ceiling

This idea is very decorative but impractical if you use your hats for more than just decorate … But if you just like this way and do not usually wear them, you can put a thin ropes on the roof, type-fishing line, and hang the end a hat, designing a beautiful composition with them.


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