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How to replace a window handle
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How to replace a window handle?

Over time, the window handle tends to deteriorate. Today we will see how to replace these. This operation is necessary when we realize that it is difficult to move the handle, or because the internal mechanism is broken or there is the need to change the furniture and therefore to make the whole apartment unique. To perform this action, it is not necessary to have great craftsmanship.

How to replace a window handle?

How to replace a window handle

You will need:

New handle

Step 1:

First, you will need to get a screwdriver suitable for the heads of the screws on the plate. Once you have the necessary, you will have to unscrew the screws that secure the handle. This operation must be carried out very delicately so as not to drop small parts from the mechanism. Once this is done, you will have to extract the handle from a fixed pin. This will come off complete with the template by removing the square from its seat. If necessary, it is possible to disassemble the internal mechanism. This operation is recommended only if the internal mechanism is broken. Once here, you can change the handle of your window. Let’s see when is it time to replace your windows?

Step 2:

I would like to remind you that the handle must be chosen according to the type of closing mechanism. At this point, we will have to lubricate some small gears that make up the mechanism of the new handle. You need to have two to three square centimeters of lubricant. To perform these actions, it is necessary to use gloves. This is necessary in order not to get dirty while using the grease.

Step 3:

Once the grease has been distributed on the gears of the new handle, it is necessary to insert this to check the length of the square. Then you have to adapt it to the thickness of the frame. It is necessary to be very careful when inserting the two bars of the window inside the two holes of the handle because it is that kind of delicate situation that requires certain patience. To make the two holes of the handle come completely close to the two bars of the window, the handle must be moved until the interlocking between the holes and the bars of the windows are defined and finally, all that remains is to screw the screws. That binds the handle to the window, using the screwdriver. Once here, you will have mounted a new handle to your window. Ensure the stability of the handle by means of controls. With this third and final step, we conclude the guide on how to replace a window handle.


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