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Ideas for sustainable decoration

What do we mean by sustainable decoration? It is about using objects and materials that follow the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability. At a level, let’s say, simpler, would be to use recycled and natural elements to dress our rooms, and so you do not lack ideas I’ll show you some proposals to introduce this type of interior in your home.

The truth is that many companies are offering more and more proposals based on sustainability, environmental responsibility and ecological efficiency, with furniture that comes with ecological certificates or is made from recycled materials.


As we have already mentioned in the introduction, one of the most common ways to make a sustainable decoration is to bet on recycling. You can give new life to an old piece of furniture by sanding and painting the wood, or by wrapping it with a cloth, or in a thousand different ways. Even just by giving it renewed use, for example, by using an old trunk as a storage system or old suitcases to design a decorative bedside table.

sustainable decoration
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Home grown plants

One way to create a very natural decoration that you can use for your daily subsistence is to grow plants at home. With an urban garden you can design a very decorative natural environments while supplying your pantry in a very ecological way. You can grow tomatoes, phrases, avocados or lettuces. You can also use aromatic plants such as basil, oregano or peppermint that, in addition to decorating your kitchen, smell wonderful.

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Natural materials

The commitment to textiles and organic materials whose production has not harmed the environment can be a good basis for your sustainable decoration. There are furniture and decorative accessories that support this initiative and choose this type of raw material for its elaboration. So if you do not have the option to recycle your own furniture you will always have other alternatives. Do not miss wood, bamboo, cotton or wool at home.

sustainable decoration
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Pallets: Many decorative uses for wood

If there is an element that allows many uses that is the pallet. If you’ve seen many of them abandoned anywhere, maybe it’s time to get them back and create your own custom furniture. They are wonderful on the terrace and also in the interior, since they can be converted into a vertical garden, a structure for sofas, for bed, for a side table, in cupboards, in headboards, in shelves …

Cardboard furniture

Yes, yes, as you hear. The cardboard furniture becomes a very ecological option. They are made with 100% recycled materials, are light, functional and decorative. You can paint them as you like. Or, if you prefer, I encourage you to use those cardboard boxes that you are sure to have around the house and end up throwing the blue container to make your own piece of furniture. You can paint them or cover them to create storage systems, put some wheels to make a cart for the kitchen or design a table of the most original.

sustainable decoration
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Natural decorative elements

No need to go crazy when it comes to finding decorative accessories. The nature of gives us! And pretty, too. You can use some sand from the beach, some river stones or sea shells in the bathroom, some dry pineapples in autumn to decorate your table. There are many options!

DIY Decoration

The last idea I tell you is a decoration made with your own hands. We have a section dedicated to it because, simply, we love it. It is an ecological and economical way to decorate and allows a lot of possibilities as we tell you week after week.


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