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How to display plants in your home

Plants are a great addition to any home and they can help to bring some of the colours, smells and textures of nature into your living space. There are a number of different ways that you can display plants in your home and the options that you choose from will depend very much on what your own personal stylings are as well as the types of plants that you plan on purchasing.

Here are some of the different ways that you can place plants in your home.

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Standard pots – when you purchase plants you will buy them in plant pots, but they tend to be made of thin plastic and aren’t very attractive to look at. You can purchase some standard indoor plant pots that you can either transplant your plants into or that you can place the existing pot inside. These pots can be made from terracotta as well as other materials such as plastic. As well as them being available in different materials, they can also be found in a number of different colours. You can then be sure to find something that will fit in with your room’s stylings.

Homemade hanging options – if you would like to have some lightweight plants hanging from your ceiling you can make some plant hangers for yourself. Macrame is a great way to do this. If you are new to this craft you might want to look for a Macrame Kit like the ones from These kits will help you to learn the skills needed to develop a planter. As with the pots you can find the yarn and rope in different colours so you can match this with the decor in your home.

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Tabletop planters – if you have small plants or perhaps herbs that you want to grow you can find some great tabletop planters that you can use. These include long planters that are similar to a small planting bed as well as pots that can stand on their own. The most common materials used for these planters are metal and wood.

When you choose which planter you want to use you should think about what size your plant might grow to and how big a space they might need.


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