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Feng Shui

The essentials of Feng Shui

Today I want to approach some decorating ideas centered on the guidelines set out in Feng Shui, based on those essential elements for this Eastern discipline and must place in your house if you want to balance the energies and live in a harmonious and comfortable home. They are things that can not miss if you want to give your home that special touch focused on the study of the flow of energy that affect the environment and people living in it.

Feng Shui
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Living elements

An idea to decorate your home according to Feng Shui is through the inclusion of live elements such as plants and animals. The fish, for example, give energy and prosperity. You must place them correctly so that it properly flows through the housing. It is advisable to put the bowl in the zone to the entrance or in the same entry, avoiding the bedroom and the kitchen. If you want to bring wealth to your house, Place it in a place where north is on your right. If it is left it can influence the relationship. About the color of the fish also it has much to say Feng Shui: if they are orange will attract abundance; if they are red, power, and if you are black, money and wisdom.

The sounds

Feng Shui commitment to include in the decoration objects that provide sound such as chimes, wind chimes … With them will balance energy passing through hallways and entrances and long straights. You can also put on the outside.

Bright objects

If you want to decorate your house according to this system, you must place bright objects such as mirrors or lights, which get repel negative energies and harmony lead to darker places.


Moving objects as sources, watches, or other decorative element that is not quiet will help you to be protected and regulated energy.

Heavy elements

Enter your decoration decorative elements of great weight, as large pots, sculptures, stones … They are synonymous with safety.


The bamboo has much symbolism to Feng Shui and decoratively speaking has many possibilities. According to this philosophy, it is the bearer of good energy and good news. You can introduce branches in a glass container, for example.

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The use of wood is essential for the Feng Shui. It brings warmth and makes the house very cozy .You can enter the furniture, on the floor and decorative objects. Better if you have a vertical and elongated shape, as if resembling a tree.

Feng Shui
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The fire

This element must be equally present in your home decor, and that gives us strength and stimulates energy. You can include candles and lamps and bet on natural light, it also adds elements leather and wool.


Another element that can not miss. Brick, adobe, tiles, stone, ceramics, tiles … are elements that represent stability as the energy of the earth causes we are seated in the place in which we live.


The movement of water flow makes everything faster and better. It includes fountains or ponds in your decor. Shiny objects before commenting you are related to this item.

The metal

You can decorate with objects of silver, of brass, of gold, iron, aluminum, natural crystals … Add more if you need a greater discipline and concentration.

Photos of nature

Place your photos, images or pictures related to nature, as can be flowers, of peaceful landscapes, animals … All this will help you stay calm and relaxation in your home. If birds appear a couple you will promote a stable and faithful relationship.


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