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How to decorate with neutral colors

The neutral colors are those that have the three primary ones (red, yellow and blue) in the same proportions. They are shades with a low saturation. In the field of decoration are often used as a base and are wonderful combined with almost any other color you add with furniture, textiles or accessories, for example.

Today we are going to see several ideas to decorate with neutral colors. In this palette we find white, beige, gray, black, earth tones, broken white, ivory … If you use them alone you will design quiet, cozy and sophisticated environments. Personally I think it never hurts to give a touch of color with details in more intense tones. This is just an idea. We will see more and so you can decide which is your favorite and how to take it to your home.

neutral colors
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A lounge in neutral tones

The decoration in neutral tones is not synonymous with boring. It is in your power to find the tools so that this does not happen. A room in these colors will become a cozy and pleasant place to enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation. I encourage you, for example, to add some plants so that the touch of green contributes an extra to the environment. Look how beautiful it looks.

Neutral tones on the walls

A way to introduce these types of colors in the decoration can be through the walls. If you do not want to paint them white you have a lot of very elegant options for it. And you can even add other colors to break the monotony and provide depth, for example, painting the lighter ceiling or the wall behind the sofa or the bed in a darker color.

neutral colors
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A bedroom in neutral colors

Being a range of colors clear and without stridency the neutral tones are very well in the bedroom. They provide an extra of relaxation and tranquility and are very welcoming. You can decorate it following the same palette, in gray, for example, mix several of them or introduce as I said at the beginning some note of color that stands out a lot on the neutral basis (this is valid for any stay).

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Add decorative details that stand out

I have already commented on a couple of occasions that you can introduce brush strokes of bright and cheerful colors in your neutral base. You can also do this through decorative elements that take a big role in your decoration. In this base of neutral tones you can place some pictures or pictures on the walls, plants or flowers, memories of your last trip or some photographs. Being on a neutral background will acquire the importance they deserve and will give that personal and unique touch to your decoration.

neutral colors
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The importance of textures

With texture I’m referring to that play with accessories and details such as rugs, pillows, blankets hair or wool on the bed or on the couch accessories in different materials such as wood, metal, bronze … Elements contrasting and break with the alleged monotony of neutral colors.

The ground as a contrast element

We have seen that you can add to your neutral decoration bright colors, textures and accessories. What do you think playing with the floor? If you want to design a special and different environment you can leave the stay with a neutral base and bet on a floor with hydraulic tiles, for example. No need to start lifting floors because you have vinyl options that are easier to place and do not require a complete work.


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