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Freshening the look of your living room

We are fast entering the time of year when people start to think about giving their homes a new look, this usually involves looking at the living room area. For some people this may simply be a case of adding a different picture on the wall or perhaps a set of new cushions or throw over the sofa. But for others this may be a complete restyling of the room.

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If you are thinking of revamping your living room, there are a few design principles that you may want to consider.

  • Look at your furniture – whether you are looking to buy yourself a complete new living suite or perhaps just redecorate around your exiting items, it is always worth taking a look at each of the items in your living room area to see whether you are using them to their full potential and whether they work in the space that you have. You may then decide to start looking at some other items like an Eames Eiffel Chair or other Eames Chair style like the ones that you can see at
  • Pick your focus – every room needs to have a focal point and in a living room this tends to be the television or perhaps a large piece of artwork or a mirror located on the walls. If you have an open fire place or large mantle area you may want to make this your focal point. Once you have decided what the rooms focus is going to be you can then decorate the room around this. It will help to inform any feature walls that you are considering as well as a colour palette.

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  • Colours – you will want to consider colours based on the size of your room, along with any other items that you are going to be keeping such as large artwork pieces and your sofa colour, as well as those colours that you enjoy. There is a psychology around colour that you can read up on if you are looking for a colour to help you with particular feelings and emotions.
  • Function and comfort – you want to try and achieve the right balance between the functionality of your living room and the comfort and beauty that you are looking for. No one wants a room that is purely created for its function and equally you don’t want one that is not practical and feels more like a show room.

At the end of the day you want to sit and relax in your living room after a long hard day at work and the decoration should reflect this.


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