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3 Reasons Your Yard Has Suddenly Developed a Hole

Maintaining a yard takes work. It needs a good mowing. Trimming and edging is probably done, helping it look manicured. Then, you want to keep it looking vibrantly green. With all of that effort put in, it can be frustrating to find a hole. Along with the aggravation, these visible signs could mean potential trouble, necessitating outside aid to avert major catastrophe. Here are three reasons that spot has started.

1. Pipe Issues

Overtime, several things can interfere with your outdoor plumbing systems. Tree roots can grow into them, creating holes. Cracks can develop from rusted pipes. Clogs can bust one open. Any of these could occur, allowing sediment into the piping, allowing water out. This erodes the ground, establishing a hole. If not taken care of quickly, these could break or cause a back up into the home. Research leak detection Neptune Beach to find an establishment that can assess the growing situation. They may be able to identify the exact spot of the problem, recommending appropriate repairs.

2. Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sometimes, it could be a smaller complication. When sprinklers don’t function properly, the water sprays everywhere or simply accumulates within one spot. If that happens for a long period of time, the dirt simply shifts with a hole now in that spot. An irrigation company should evaluate the part and replace it.

3. Critters

Animals may simply be burrowing into the ground. Several of the pests have the habit of digging. Moles, chipmunks and rats are all capable of the act. You probably don’t want any of these on your property. The rodents might make the ground difficult to walk on, filled with dips. Furthermore, if they did this in the wrong spot, they could puncture vital lines that would require attention. Contact pest control or an exterminator.

Evaluate when and how this all started. Then, call up someone to guide you through the recovery process.


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