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Why Merino Wool is Perfect for the Outdoors in the Winter

One of the must have items of clothing for the winter is a merino wool sweater, like this womens merino wool sweater It is different to other types of wool because it comes from the merino sheep, which live in the mountain areas of New Zealand and Australia.

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It is thinner wool than other types of wool and despite this is still very warm. Because of this it is loved by people who like to spend time outdoors in the winter, but don’t want to have to wear lots of heavy items of clothing, especially when doing activities like cycling and hiking.

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Because the fibres are softer, it does not give you the itchy feeling that other types of wool can give you, making it a good fabric to wear next to your skin without the need to have other layers of clothing underneath it.

Something else that makes it a great choice for when you are exercising outdoors is the fact that it can trap smells. Because it stops the smell omitted by bacteria, it means that you can wear it for longer, making it perfect if you are heading out on a hiking trip for a few days and don’t have much space to pack multiple garments.

All in all, if you are wanting to get out and about in the great outdoors this winter, then merino wool is certainly something that you should consider.


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