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What Makes People Fall In Love With Antique Furniture?

For people heading off to their local IKEA store or other similar type furniture shops, the thought of their home furnished with antiques is probably not something that has ever crossed their mind, as everyone has their own taste and styles and this probably just does not appeal.

Whilst some people want the modern, contemporary kind of furnishings that you find in most of the bigger chains, there are many, many others that want something different, something that very few other people have in their homes.

Like clothes, watches or any type of consumer product, we all have our own styles, our own tastes and our own ideas about what we love, whether or not it is also the same as what everyone else wants as well.

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For example, if you want a new light in your home, you might go down to your local light shop and buy a modern lamp, or you might really treat yourself to some ceiling hanging antique crystal chandeliers from a retailer like For some, the thought an antique crystal chandelier might never even cross their mind, but for others, antique furniture is already a huge part of their home, and therefore this is how they want their decorative style to follow through.

When you ask around people that love antiques, there are many reasons why they initially fall in love with antique furniture, but some of the most common reasons can often be categorised into the following:


Whether you go to the world’s most famous antique dealer, or you visit your local house clearance shop, the furniture you buy is often unique, whether that is because there are simply not that many left in existence, or something about it has made it that way. The appeal of unique furniture is such a draw for the lovers of antique furniture, and this is why so many people love adding and adding to their collection.

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Charm & Character

Modern, flat pack furniture often lacks anything that can equate to charm and character, and whilst to say this is not a bad thing for everyone, for the lovers of furniture with something about it, then charm and character are really important. The chair that has a little chip in the leg, or the table that has a carving from children of years ago, the charm and character that antique furniture can bring should never be understated.


The final point is that for every piece of antique furniture you buy or own will have had a history, and you, as the new owner, will be adding to that history. Some items will have over a hundred years worth of history, some much less, but every item that has been used before has its own part of history, which is a massive appeal to many people.


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