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The popularity of wide plank flooring

Wide oak boards are a popular choice and in this article we look at how best they can be used to create harmony in our homes.

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Small interiors

Often homeowners are concerned that long wide plank flooring in a small space will be overpowering. Our advice is to think about the end result that you want to achieve in a particular room and consider your flooring options based on this. Bear in mind also that wide oak planks in small rooms really open up the space, particularly if you choose them in light colours.

Large interiors

There are fewer challenges when laying wide planks in a large room with 80 percent of owners choosing wide plank. Mixing both wide and narrow floorboards gives more of a sense of proportion to a big space. Similarly, just as wide planks open up small spaces, using wide planks in narrow rooms can make them appear wider.

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Specific rooms

Warm toned engineered oak UV lacquered wood flooring works particularly well in dining rooms and bedrooms. Dining rooms are well known for messy areas because of families eating in that space so this is ideal because it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Because wood is such a great material to use some people have even opted to try and install it in there attic. Off course a lot of houses are still not able to use this space due to planning permission or its just not been properly looked at by professionals.  A possible option you could take is to look at a Loft conversion Bristol company at links including to get this space sorted for you and see what flooring to put in then.

For bathrooms and kitchens, you could try lacquered black brushed floors with a UV filter which safeguards damage from light. Lounges will appear brighter and larger if oak boards are used, creating a sense of elegance in one of the most important rooms in the house.

Our advice is to think creatively! And, most importantly, enjoy both the process and the end result!


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