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A small garage – how to make the most of the space you have

It happens to most people; often when they least expect it. One day, you will open the door of your garage and it will finally hit you. We do not mean that anything will physically smack you on the head; although that is possible. We mean that you will finally realise that you either need to build an extension to your garage, or you need to sort out the chaos before you really do get physically injured by a falling item that has been stored a little too precariously.

The problem with extending a garage is that it can cost a considerable amount of money. There is also the possibility that you do not have the available space for an extension. The good news is that you can make the most of the garage space you already have; with just a bit of effort.

It starts with organisation

A lot of space can be wasted, simply due to the fast that the contents of your garage are not kept in an organised manner. When you start to introduce some order, the first thing you need to do is get rid of items that you do not need. Are you really ever going to update those old chairs; after all it’s been four years since you stored them away.

Once you are left with only items you need to keep; it’s time to consider effective storage solutions.

Cabinets for the walls

If you had previously forgotten that your garage has wall space as well as floor space, it may be time to start using it. You can invest in some cabinets or lockers where you can keep items such as tools and gardening implements. Some storage cabinets even fit over the bonnet of your car, enabling an even more effective use of space.

Thinking about the overhead space

If you have items stored in your garage, that you do not use very often, you may want to consider using storage that you can hang from the ceiling. This may be useful for storing items such as garden furniture, during the months when it’s not is use.

Wall hooks and racks

How many times have you fallen over a hose pipe that has been left rolled up on the ground, after use? Storing a hose pipe like this is dangerous, and it’s a waste of valuable floor space. Using wall hooks is the perfect solution. You can use them to hold not just hose pipes, but items such as skateboards too. If you have one or more bikes that you need to store, it’s worth thinking about a vertical bike rack as an option. It’s a secure and safe way to store your treasured machine.

As you can see, creating storage space in a small garage can be easier than you think. The first thing you need to do is rationalise the contents of your garage. Once you have done this, use our suggestions to help you be creative in using the walls and ceiling for storage, and not just the floor.


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