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How to order things to be found more easily

Even if you put things in order can take some ‘time, it is important to do it and then avoid taking hours when we try something we need.

Most of us have so many things in the house and do not know where to put them: the cupboards are full, we do not have enough space, so we end up putting things at any angle and in the end we lose a lot of minutes (or even hours) looking for them.

The aim of the order is to avoid wasting too much time to look for something. It’s not just to get rid of items, accessories and clothing.

Precisely for this reason, tidying up is not an easy task, but it should be planned and thought rationally.

However, it is crucial to maximize the space available, but always with a certain criterion. Would you put the cream for the face in the underwear drawer? It does not seem a very practical solution.

Rules to place in an orderly fashion things and then not waste time looking for them.

found more easily
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1. Golden Rule: The order is valid everyday

Sometimes, tired of disorder, we decide to fix everything at once for not having to think anymore. Is a mistake.

You have never noticed that the objects preserved in order not to lose are the ones that make it hard to find?

This happens when you make the mistake of putting in order as a passenger task of one day only.

It’s a habit, familiarity with the places that we choose to make us save time in research. In addition, the selected location for what you use is less important to have clear.

2. Thoroughly clean and to discard what you do not need

Some people tend to accumulate objects. For example, like preserving news articles of any type, sometimes for sentimental reasons, others because they think that sooner or later they can be useful for simple or laziness.

However, if you are planning to rearrange and reorganize your home or office, the best thing is to take a decision. Decide what you wish to do the things that you do not use: donate or throw it if you are in poor condition, but avoid if you do not keep more intention to use them.

3. Think before you act

To no longer try anything, take a day to analyze your needs and possibilities that your home offers.

To this end, we propose to draw up a list of columns that match the rooms of your home. In every room, you write down the things you want to keep us.

4. Make use of the space with creativity

When you inventory, in general we do not know where to put things, taking into account the limited space we have available. For this reason, it is good to resort to some tricks to have everything at hand.

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5. The drawer units are an excellent solution

It is an accessory from which you can derive many advantages. You can put one in every closet to settle the little things.

For example, you could put the creams and products for personal care products, or for the kitchen, underwear, socks…

6. Arrange the shirts vertically

Your T-shirts are one above the other, so that eventually always wear the same and forget to have other because they are under? With this advice, easily solve the problem.

Putting the shirts vertically, as you can see in the picture, you will have two advantages:

  • First, you will gain space.
  • Second, having everything in plain sight, with the colors and patterns visible, easily choose the shirt you want without having to tilt the drawer.

7. Cables: are necessary, but they disappear

The first thing to do is keep them all in one place, in a drawer or in a box or a similar product. There are many boxes with different styles.

Second, put a label to not have to search each time the cable you need, all look the same, but are used for different things or are designed for different devices.

For this reason, the ideal is to classify them before putting them in a drawer.

8. Get a locker for tools and utensils

We know that sort things is not always easy and that many objects, such as those used for sport, for example, can be a problem.

However, this option will allow you to store balls, weights and the like, and at the same time will be a great idea to decorate the house.

As you can see, putting things in order to not to have to waste time looking for them it is a process that requires effort, but it avoids many difficulties in the future.

We invite you to begin today to tidy up your home! Do not give up the long-term comfort just because of laziness!


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