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House in Sydney (Australia)
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Comfortable and cozy house in Sydney (Australia)

The architectural firm Prineas was commissioned to redesign this modern detached house located in Sydney, Australia. The project sought to give this house an aspect of a Californian bungalow from the 30s but without forgetting the character of the original home. Then we tell you everything and we show you the images of how is this very cool house inside. Then tell us if you liked it!

House in Sydney (Australia)
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The house is designed with an open floor plan. In the rear part an addition has been introduced as a shed structure to maximize the comfort of the general space of the house. The design, in addition, has sought to emphasize the dining, kitchen and training areas as the nerve center of life inside.

Larger and more functional spaces

In this way, the size and scale of the living and dining areas were increased to maximize the comfort and functionality of the spaces. In addition, the new designed areas serve to increase the connection of the house with its garden and its lush surroundings.

House in Sydney (Australia)
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The back addition

To maintain the original characteristics of this house, the rear addition connects with the rest of the house through a large window. This allows to create two interior patios that take extra natural light to the study and the bathroom.

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Materials and colors

In this house simple but dynamic materials have been used at the same time. Black aluminum windows frame the garden views. On the walls you have opted for white so the contrast is spectacular. On the other hand, we have sought to maximize the thermal efficiency of the new interior spaces to guarantee at all times that pleasant and comfortable feeling that we mentioned at the beginning.

Large windows and natural light

The windows of the house are large and favor the entry of natural light into the interior of the house. In addition, they also enhance the views towards the trees from the kitchen area and the living room, creating that connection that we mentioned before between the exterior and the interior of the house. The truth is that it is a delight to be cooking and enjoying at the same time this green indoor show, do not you think?

House in Sydney (Australia)
Image Source: Google Image

Wood outside and on furniture

Likewise, a generous wooden deck for outdoor areas functions as an extension of the internal entertainment spaces. The wooden furniture becomes the elements that bring warmth to the space within this monochromatic aesthetic that is softened with the decoration and textures that have been introduced in each of the rooms.

The decoration of the spaces

The living room, dining room and kitchen are in the same space. They are connected but differentiated areas thanks to the use of, for example, a carpet in the living room space, the island with stools that visually separates the kitchen or the large lamp that presides over the dining room table.

White and wood are the main protagonists in this central area, as we have already anticipated before, and the use of textiles in other colors and plants manages to create a comfortable atmosphere.


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