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Six considerations when buying a shower enclosure

When buying a shower, it is important to consider your practical requirements and your desired design simultaneously. Investing in a durable and timeless shower enclosure will ensure it will last until you want to replace it rather than until you need to replace it.

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Below are six things to keep in mind when you purchase a shower enclosure.

1) Glass that is easy to clean.

Convenience is a key component when selecting a shower enclosure, with something that is effortless to clean and maintain well worth investing in. Seek out shower enclosures with pre-treated glass, as they stay cleaner and are more efficient at getting rid of any water droplets. A squeegee is also recommended.

2) Toughened safety glass

Safety is so important when it comes to purchasing a shower enclosure. Industry standards mean a certain thickness is required and that glass is tested to shatter to check its safety. 8mm shower glass panels from specialists such as are a good investment when it comes to safety.

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3) Seals

Seals help to prevent water leaks; therefore, they are an important factor when purchasing a shower enclosure. To guarantee an accurate fit and prevent water leaks, magnetic door seals are a great addition to any shower enclosure.

4) Rollers

Whether you are buying a sliding, bifold or quadrant shower enclosure, rollers are an important factor to bear in mind. Durability, effortless sliding and resilience are key characteristics of standard rollers, such as single, twin and nylon rollers. Avoid rollers made of plastic, as they will have to be replaced often. Plastic becomes stiff, fragile and inflexible when it is constantly exposed to water.

5) Shower tray

Opting for a high-quality shower tray is also important when you are buying a shower enclosure. Avoid plastic ones in favour of those made of stone resin with acrylic toppings. Stone resin trays are more solid and therefore far more durable than alternative offerings.

6) Fits easily

All shower enclosures come with various fixtures and fittings that can challenge even the most experienced professional installer. If you plan to install your own shower enclosure, study the instructions prior to attempting to fit it. This should enable you to embark upon this challenge with relative ease.


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