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Ideas to decorate a cozy guest room

Do you love to receive friends at home? Sure, you like being a good host and, if they stay to sleep, provide the best possible rest. So today we will look at some ideas for decorating the guest room a cozy and especially, a place to stay for a few days and make it their own, where they are very comfortable and at ease. This is decorating this room that your guests with reservations, above all, lots of love. Thinking about welfare and they get to feel at home.

Bright room

If you are lucky enough to have an extra room with lots of natural light it is good idea that dedicate yourself to your guests. It will not be necessary, if you have this illumination, which is especially great because already be quite comfortable. If small uses light colors to visually, look more spacious. White is always very nice; combined with, for example, a touch of blue, make sure you achieve very welcoming.

cozy guest room
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A decoration

Sometimes it happens that leave room for the guests that do not use and it might not have decorated and dedicated no time to dress it. If you want to be very welcoming you decorate it, put pictures, some textiles pretty, some flowers, even a special table with a chair and a spotlight for if they want to read. Details that become a very special and beautiful corner. So your guests will feel as if they were at home…

Aesthetics and functionality

In the guest bedroom, you have to combine aesthetics and functionality. If you do not have much space you will need furniture practices as a sofa or bed with canapés to make the most of their storage capacity. To maintain order, it includes some wicker basket to store blankets or pillows and high shelves to leave some books, for example. If they are to stay for several days, you must have space in closets to store their things.

cozy guest room
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Room for more uses

If the guest becomes, at another time, in a room for the grill or in an office, try n or recharging of things so that in the time you receive your friends, you can prepare it quickly and easily.

Ventilated and cared

Properly ventilate the room although at that time do not go to receive anyone and avoid, as far as possible and if you have children, who become your game rooms.

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There is no doubt that the central axis of this room is the bed. You want your guests to rest their best and it is advisable to place the sheets on the same day they come and clean the notice and appreciate this incredible feeling of sleeping in a newly laid sheets. If winter put a duvet and blanket left hand, another case enters them cold during the night.

cozy guest room
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To succeed with everyone staying in this room guests can opt for neutral colors for the walls and textiles and give a touch of color if you want with a cushion or a decorative element. Warm tones are very welcoming and some cold as blue or gray invite relaxation.

Integrated room

Do not do too yours decor and tastes of your guests do not have to match yours … Place objects, say, timeless, like paintings of landscapes, some flowers … But neither you design an excessively offline or cold space the rest of the housing decoration. If you want to feel at home, you must make it happen.


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