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What YES and what you should NOT do with the decoration in small houses
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What YES and what you should NOT do with the decoration in small houses

If the space you inhabit is small, here are some tips to help you make the most of it.

Living in small spaces has become a trend today. Sometimes by choice or sometimes because circumstances determine it, living in a small house can mean many advantages on a day-to-day basis, such as minimizing certain expenses or spending much less time dedicating it to cleaning tasks.

However, having a few square meters of living space can also be a challenge, especially if other people or pets live there. Therefore, we share some tips that can help you enjoy and make the most of the space in your small home.

More is less

It may seem obvious, but the fewer things you have, the easier it will be to adapt to a small space. It is not that you become the maximum exponent of minimalism or expert in the KonMari method, but it is a great idea to start by doing a good debugging of your things, including clothes, furniture, accessories, and even kitchen items.

Many functions in one

If you need to incorporate new furniture, choose multifunctional pieces so that each one can help you cover different needs. For example, add an ottoman to your living room that serves as a seat and storage space or integrates an extendable table into your dining room to seat more people if you have a special event, but that can be kept small in everyday life.

Organizing is the key

Now yes, once you have chosen the objects and furniture for your home it will be time to start organizing. Use dividers, boxes, double hooks, and any tool that allows you to take advantage of all the space in drawers, cupboards, and closets. Every inch gained for storage is pure gold when it comes to making living space freer and more organized. Don’t forget to tag everything!

Take advantage of every square meteradvantage of every square meter do with the decoration in small houses

Think not only horizontally but also vertically. Your walls have precious space that can be used wisely for organization and storage. Take advantage of the upper part of the walls or doors to store your books or consider built-in shelves to display photographs or decorative elements.

The old mirror trick

It is one of the oldest hacks to give rooms a larger appearance and is still used because, when used properly, it is really effective. A large mirror at the end of a hallway or a set of mirrors above the sofa in that tiny room can help give the impression that the space is doubled… and the effect is wonderful!

And there was light

Lighting is also essential when it comes to enhancing the experience of living in a space. A poorly lit room can even feel stuffy. If your home doesn’t have abundant natural light, consider adding lighting levels in strategic places. In addition to the main lights, it also includes floor and table lamps to fill in the darkest spaces. Don’t forget the wall lights!

No, no, and no more

  • Finally, we give you a shortlist of some of the biggest sins you can commit if you want to decorate a small space.
  • Avoid using dark colors, as they generally give the feeling that the room is reduced.
  • Say no to big and sturdy furniture. Slim silhouette pieces will be your best friends.
  • Don’t buy chairs with armrests. They will take up valuable space in the dining room and clutter the room visually.
  • Keep surfaces free. Use the bookcases, the side tables, place hooks as coat racks, and thus avoid accumulating objects where they do not go.
  • Inhabiting a small space can be a great experience and we are sure that these tips will help you to do so.


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