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Hallway ideas to inspire you this autumn

The changing of the seasons often inspires a reconsideration of your décor. A hallway is not just a transitional space – it is often the first part of your home, after your front door, that guests see. Hallways can also be narrow and awkward in shape, making your choices of colour and lighting particularly important.

Lighting is one of the most important and researched aspects of interior design. If you want to make a narrow hallway feel wider, wall lights or ceiling lights that are directed towards the walls may help. Try to ensure your lighting covers even the awkward corners whilst highlighting features of interest.

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Stairs in particular need to be well-lit for safety. A rattan lampshade adds warmth, while a glass lampshade adds space and brightness. An important consideration when purchasing front doors in Cirencester is trying to maximise natural light.


Choosing a colour for your hallway means trying to find warm, inviting shades without going so bright that the space feels overwhelmed. Balance with cooler colours for a more calming atmosphere. Too much white can make a room seem sterile, while an excess of black or other dark colours will absorb any attempts to improve the lighting.

Think about woodwork like skirting boards and bannisters as well. When buying front doors Cirencester, it becomes apparent that even this feature can come in a variety of shades.

Avoiding clutter

You can make your hallway look wider with lighting, colour and optical illusions, but you cannot make the space physically bigger. Alcoves and built-in units can maximise your storage capacity without cluttering the walkway.

Sort through things regularly to ensure the things stored are things that you need to hand. If it is autumn, then you can probably move your sandals and sunhats upstairs, leaving more room for coats and boots.

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Hallways are not the easiest part of the house to decorate but there are ways to make them appear larger and brighter, even in the darkening autumn months. This will make your home more comfortable for you and more inviting for guests.


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