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A charming farmhouse that was decorated by the decorator
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A charming farmhouse that was decorated by the decorator

We travel to a dream place, decorated by Jaime Parladé. He was also the decorator of the house of the Duchess of Alba in Marbella. The result is a spectacular oasis. Do you dare to see it?

An Entry With A Lot Of Category

This farm in Malaga is surrounded by nature, in an oasis of peace and joy. It was built in the 1970s and has not been changed since then. A beautiful cobbled path covered by a vine leads us to the main entrance of this house, a cozy white and bright house.

The entrance is flanked by a large wooden gate that gives access to the hallway, in indigo blue, and to the patio, in yellow. “This patio is the central point of the house, all the rooms face it,” says Roberto Quintana, from Diana Morales Properties, the real estate agency that is in charge of its sale.

Jaime Parladé Is The Interior Designer Of This Reform

A fact that catches our attention: its 719 m² were designed by the Argentine architect Mario Connío and decorated by Jaime Parladé. The latter, the Marquis Apezteguía, and also called “the dandy of interior design”, was responsible for the villa of the Rothschild barons in Marbella, the mansion of Julio Iglesias in Miami, the house of the Duchess of Alba in Marbella and even worked for Diana Ross in Connecticut. There is nothing!

The Neutral And Raw Tones Of The Living Room Transmit Comfort

The spacious living room has two different rooms, each with its own fireplace and from them you can go out to the garden through green shutters. Neutral, raw and earth colors prevail in the decoration. Also the fabrics and natural fibers, which achieve the image of comfort that is so sought after. Wood is another ingredient that gives a cozy air.

Ceilings Create Spaciousness And Majesty

The ceilings, as in any high-end home, are very high, “about 3.5 meters”, Roberto confirms, looking up. It is in them where the differentiating point is.

The Dining Room Is The Center Of The HomeThe Dining Room Is The Center Of your charming farmhouse

Any other touch of distinction? All rooms have their own fireplace, from the dining room to the bedrooms. And here, the powdery shades of blue and green are the ones that mark, together with the original ceiling, the differentiating point.

The Touches Of Light Colors Fall In Love

The rest of the interior design is serene and repeats the formula of beige, white covers, curtains with generous fabrics and light touches of color, such as greens and powder blues.

The Whole House Looks Rural, Although Nice And Comfortable

“Each of the four bedrooms, three of them with en-suite bathrooms, has a different decoration at the top.” In the master bedroom, for example, it’s a strip of green on white, simple and elegant.

All The Details Invite You To Rest

In the bedroom, the fireplace is accompanied by a soft and very comfortable white armchair, with a pleasant rustic cotton fabric and a cushion printed with subtle green flowers that matches the bedspread. The curtains are made of striped cotton canvas, with presence and forcefulness.

The Bedrooms Are Understated But Romantic

In the second bedroom, the strip of the ceiling is yellow on a discreet stone gray and this allows you to play with the headboard and the bedding, also in lemon, very fresh and with its vital Andalusian touch.

A Bathroom Where The Hours Do Not Pass

The culmination of the yellow-white palette is found in one of the bathrooms that Roberto shows us. The wall is yellow and there are beautiful hand-painted tiles in Majorelle blue in the bathtub and sink. We don’t know if it’s because of the views or because of the sunlight that enters through the window, but we stayed for a long time wishing the day wouldn’t end.

We Loved It. We Will Be Back!

Thanks to Diana Morales Properties, who has provided us with this location. The house is for sale on its website.


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