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5 Reasons to Live in a PentHouse

A penthouse is a type of luxury real urban estate notable for its grand views, quality amenities, and air of exclusivity. Before they were rebranded as luxury dwellings, a penthouse referred to smaller servants’ quarters that could be hidden from sight on the roof of a building. Living in a top-floor penthouse has many perks according to online casino Australia real money, including:

Extra Space

Being the pinnacle of luxury means that the penthouse is almost always the largest residence in the building. If other units don’t provide the space required for you and your family, you may want to see what’s available on the top floor to enjoy all the amenities of living in a high-end building without having to sacrifice ample accommodations.

Rooftop Terrace

Being on the top floor also means that your residence will likely boast a private rooftop terrace that you can escape to high above the city. From entertaining in the open air to lounging amidst a lush rooftop garden, there are plenty of reasons to love a spacious outdoor area atop your building.

Far-ranging Views

It’s no secret that the higher up you go, the better the view gets. Penthouses typically benefit from the best vistas in the building, so if you’re looking for a dwelling that captures breathtaking views of the cityscape, then this where you want to be.

Extra Natural Light

In addition to unobstructed views, penthouses are often designed with taller ceilings, bigger windows, and as a result, let in an abundance of natural light. When you’re living in a city, sunlight exposure can be a premium feature that seriously improves your living environment, especially in the winter months when you’re playing games at casino francais en ligne.

Status Symbol

It may not be an important factor to you, but it goes without saying that penthouses are a status symbol. They have a certain wow-factor that will always impress guests and, more importantly, can be a savvy investment. Because there’s only one in each building, penthouses are a limited asset with unique appeal.


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