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Dos and don’ts of using a realtor

The real estate business is competitive but there are a lot of opportunities, for those who are passionate about consulting and sales. If you are about to engage a real estate agent, there are a number of things that you should know and understand, according to experts from online pokies real money.

Do research before hiring a realtor

Before hiring a Realtor to sell your home or show you potential new homes, it’s important to do your research. Just because you met a Realtor at an open house, and they seemed nice, doesn’t mean he or she is the right real estate agent for your needs. Make sure to ask friends and neighbors for reliable recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to find the right person. When interviewing Realtors, be sure to ask them about their marketing techniques and strategies for selling your home. If you’re looking to buy, make sure the Realtor has a solid understanding of the local market and a plan for finding you the perfect home.

Don’t hire someone who isn’t a good fit

Save yourself an awkward situation later by hiring the right Realtor early on. If you enlist someone who’s simply not a good fit, you could find yourself in a bind. One example of this: a real estate agent that isn’t experienced could give you bad advice on how to price your home. If it’s overpriced, it could sit market for way too long, and if it’s underpriced, you won’t maximize your profit from the home sale. In addition to hiring a seasoned and savvy Realtor, make sure you hire someone who get along with. Personality is important, so enlist an agent that is both pleasant and professional.

Do decide on your list of needs

A Realtor can’t read your mind, so make your list of wants and needs known when looking for a new home. We recommend deciding on your non-negotiables first (i.e., things you can’t live without), such as location, outdoor space and a certain number of bedrooms. Also, consider what you don’t want. For instance, many homebuyers do not want a fixer upper or a certain style of home. Make a list of other features and amenities you want on your wish list as well (think: a bonus room, a pool and an updated kitchen). Once you know what you need, it will make the house hunting process much smoother, just like when you’re searching for games to play at francais casino en ligne.

Don’t waste your Realtor’s time

If you aren’t ready to purchase a home, don’t waste your Realtor’s time. Real estate agents spend much of their time showing buyers homes. While this is part of the job, it’s not their job to show you homes “just for fun.” Realtors only get paid by commission when a home sells. Out of respect for the real estate agent, don’t ask them to show you homes or list your home, if you’re not actually ready to move forward with the home buying and selling process. Additionally, don’t ask a real estate agent to show you a home that is outside your price budget. If you aren’t ready to purchase a home, attend open houses instead of having a Realtor set up an official showing.

Do use a different Realtor than the other party

It’s a good idea to have your own Realtor when buying or selling a home. In other words, if you’re a buyer, don’t use the same real estate agent as the seller – and vice versa. The reason? The real estate agent may not have your best interest at heart, if they’re also representing the other party. To avoid this issue, enlist your own Realtor to handle the negotiations and paperwork involved in a home sale.

Don’t forget to read the details in an exclusive contract

Looking for a home? Many real estate agents want buyers to sign an exclusivity agreement in order to secure client loyalty. When selling a home, homeowners must also sign an exclusive agreement with their listing agent. If an agent asks you to sign an agreement, make sure to read the fine print. These agreements are typically binding for several months, which means you are legally obligated to use that Realtor or broker and cannot use another agent in the meantime. Make sure to read the rules outlining how to cancel an agreement as well. This way, if you find yourself unhappy with the Realtor’s services, you’ll know how to legally terminate the agreement.


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