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Lamps that fit into a Nordic decoration

The style Nordic has burst in our country and in many other corners of the planet and the truth is that we not surprised at all, because with it we can get bright and welcoming environments that convey warmth and serenity. Surprisingly, despite the prominence characterized by white, this type of decoration does not generate cold environments, but quite the opposite. This is due mainly to the presence of wood in floors, furniture and other details, but also have much to do and accessories that are usually present in these environments. In this regard, we stress the lamps, which play an important role.

One of the keys of this style is the brightness, which is achieved mainly by enhancing the natural light. However, the choice of lamps is also important, especially if we consider that in the Nordic countries natural light is absent for much of the year. It is therefore necessary to fill the spaces of artificial light points. In addition, the luminaries play an important decorative paper. Yes, it is essential to choose the right. Today we talk about the lamps that more fit in a Nordic decor!

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Lamps of natural materials

As I have said many times, the presence of natural materials is one of the main features of Nordic style. A good idea is to introduce them through the lamps. In fact, they are made with natural fibers like wicker or bamboo are very common in this type of environment. In addition, also perfectly they fit the designs in ceramics, porcelain and wood, especially if they are light colors and simple lines.

Industrial style lamps

Other lamps that fit perfectly in Nordic style environments are hanging industrial aspect, which are generally characterized by the metal shield. You can place them loose or group multiple. They will also be well received standing designs that are assimilated to the centers of cinema.


How could it be otherwise, we must also talk to the flexor, which fit perfectly in environments Nordic style, especially when it comes to bedrooms? You can use them as wall sconces and even as floor lamps. In fact, these lamps are very fashionable lately.

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Geometric lamps

Of course, we must also talk of geometric lamps, which also tend to be very present in Nordic style homes. Almost always made with metal (can also be found in other materials), these lamps original forms usually leave the bulb and cable in sight. And although in stores neutral colors predominate, it is also possible to find designs in vivid hues that will help to give a touch of joy to stay involved.

Decorative Light bulbs

Finally, we mention the decorative bulbs, which are not only perfect for industrial environments, but for Nordic style homes. Among the most successful are the carbon filament, but it is also good idea to choose large spherical bulbs. The important thing is that no screen and the cable is in sight.


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