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What Bulbs Should You Plant in Your Garden this Autumn?

As autumn arrives, for gardeners this is a busy time, and time to look ahead to the following spring. To make sure the garden looks great next year, preparation in the autumn before is key. This is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs. There are many places where you will be able to get bulbs at this time of year and you can even order them online, from somewhere like this Plants for trade Kent based supplier If you are wondering what is best to plant in your garden, or are a novice gardener, here are some good choices for planting in the autumn…

Daffodils – You can plant daffodil bulbs from September to November. These beautiful sunny flowers bloom in early spring and for most of us herald the end of the winter and the start of sunnier and brighter weather. There are many varieties of daffodils, so have fun and mix it up a bit – Minnow is a pretty and delicate looking flower, which does well in pots and containers. Spellbinder is a beautiful variety; the traditional bright yellow colour gradually fades to a pale and creamy yellow. It is great for borders.

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Alliums – Alliums are stunning balls of colour that brighten up the garden in later spring. There are lots of choices of colour and size – from the huge Globemaster to the small and delicate, aptly named graceful beauty. When grown in clumps these flowers really come into their own and are a great flower to plant in a rock garden. Most varieties enjoy full sun areas.

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Crocus – There are around ninety varieties of the pretty little plants, and they bloom around late March and early April, so will typically be in bloom around Easter time. Popular varieties include Firefly – delicate lilac petals with a bright yellow centre, Barr’s purple, which is a rich deep purple coloured flower that looks particularly striking when it is grown alongside the paler coloured types.

Hyacinths – These are easy to grow so are a great choice if you are new to gardening. They are a beautiful plant and there are lots of types to choose from – just make sure that you plant them in a sunny spot as they will not bloom in a shady area, and they aren’t keen on wet soil. Popular varieties include Gipsy queen – a pretty peach coloured flower, and pink pearl, which provides a bold pastel pink colour to the garden.

Tulips – These are better planted a little further into Autumn – most gardeners find around November is the best time to plant them. Tulips are a popular garden flower, and with good reason – there are many beautiful varieties of tulip which can add a lot of variety to your spring garden. The varieties of tulip are so varied in fact that some look more like a lily at first glance, such as Westpoint. For a bright and bold colour, go for something like Orphanidea, a bright orange flower, or Aladdin, bright red flowers edged with yellow.


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