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Which Lights Are Best To Brighten A Large Space?

Keeping any room in your house bright and full of life can be a tricky predicament even on the brightest summer days. You will know all too well that there is nothing worse than a room that feels cold, dull and dingy. You can make your rooms feel warmer with a few simple light purchasing and placement decisions, while utilising what you may already have. Here are a few tricks to help you lighten the mood in your home today. 

Pendant Lights

They are fantastic for brightening kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, plus pendant lights are very trendy too. They are best used if you have a variety of styles and hang them at a variety of lengths to create a broad and layered lighting effect. As an extra tip, try teaming a long pendant with a shorter one together next to a piece of furniture or a feature mirror ac accent lighting to lift a statement level.


Many of us have faced a problem where we’ve turned the light on, opened the wardrobe which then blocked out the light and you can’t see what clothes to choose from inside. Well this needn’t be a problem anymore as you can attach some LED lighting strips to the inside roof of the wardrobe which will help you see anything stored in your wardrobe, as well as temporarily lighting the rest of the room whilst open.

Clear Lights & Shades

A great excuse to get rid of those tatty light shades your dotty aunt bought for you, because even though they may look good, metal, colourful and matte shades trap light that could be better utilised. Choose clear glass bulbs and large clear shades (or even no shades at all if you prefer) in order to let as much light as possible escape and brighten up your room.

Which Lights Are Best To Brighten A Large Space

Coloured Lights

We often complain that we rarely get enough sunlight in the UK, which often leads to a dark room even during daylight hours. Try adding a faux daylight bulb to your favourite room and you’ll think you’ve bottled the sun for year round usage. Daylight bulbs are designed to provide a similar brightness of natural daylight based on colour temperature and Colour Rendering Index. Experts suggest a colour temperature of 6500K and CRI of 80% to provide a natural level of daylight into even the most average room space.


Friends or relatives may have suggested for you to paint your walls white to brighten up your room but we white can boring and somewhat awful. Well instead of that, make the most of your white ceiling (presuming you have a white ceiling) and use Uplighters to shine light towards your ceiling that will then bounce around the rest of the room. These days there is a combination freestanding and wall-fitted Uplighters to choose from that can create a feeling of airiness and usually compliment the richness of a darker colour scheme.


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