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Christmas decor lights
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Ideas to light your house at Christmas

Christmas is a time of illusion and of meeting people, we do not see as often as we would like. The meetings usually take place around a table. We receive guests who will enjoy the decoration of our dining room, the hall and even the bathroom.

But if there is something Christmas par excellence, it’s the lights. When the cities light them it seems that Christmas has already arrived, and that is why I bring you some ideas to light up your house in a warm, beautiful and delicate way. Or with many colored lights if you feel like it! Let each one shine their Christmas as they likes.

Christmas decor lights
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The garlands of lights

The strings of lights are one of the most used to illuminate the Christmas elements. You can put them as we have always done, around the tree, white or of varied colors. One option that I really like is to place a garland of white lights inside a glass jar or a candle holder. Inside you can put a red ball to contrast. It is a very decorative element to place in the hall, for example.

The candles

Although the candles are not left behind in terms of essential elements for Christmas lighting. You can put them on the dining table, since they give a very cozy touch while you eat or eat. Also in the hall or on any shelf in the room. Loose or with some nice and decorative candle holder. If you do not feel like putting the normal of a lifetime because they seem unsafe, especially if there are many children at home, you can opt for the LED lights.

Christmas decor lights
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Very Christmas lamps

You can have a Christmas lamp that you take out of the storage room during these days. My favorites are those that have a star shape, a very appropriate reason for those dates. But you have many options, from those of Santa Claus, a snowman, a reindeer or even a Christmas tree. Sure you find a very decorative that helps you light up your house.

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Light boxes

The light boxes become a great way to decorate your house this Christmas. You can post messages congratulating the holidays or sending good wishes to your guests. And since they are so comfortable to move you can change their location to place them where you want.

Christmas decor lights
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Illuminate the exterior of the house

Surely, you’ve seen those American houses full of colored lights everywhere, from the roof, the facade, doors and windows. It is also not a matter of passing, but you can give some light to the outside of your home. If you live in a semi-detached house or individual you can put garlands in the windows, a large lamp in the front door with a larger LED bulb or candle … If you have a terrace the lights will be equally welcome to this space. And if you live in an apartment you can also put lights through the windows.

Where can I put lights this Christmas?

We have already seen different ideas to light up your house this Christmas. Now let’s see in what spaces you can place them. The tree is one of those elements that you must light. With garlands of many colors, more festive, or white, more warm and serene. The table also receives very well this Christmas lighting, with candles or some composition of garlands in glass jars as we discussed at the beginning.


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