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Ideas to give a Nordic touch to your kitchen

The Nordic style is wonderful in any room of the house. If you like to use it to decorate, of course. If this is the case and, like me, you are passionate about the spaces with that characteristic Scandinavian touch, today we show you some ideas to move it to your kitchen. Sometimes we forget to decorate this room and give more importance to others like the living room or the bedroom, but you will see how pretty the kitchens are in this Nordic air. Do you dare to do it in yours? It is very easy and with small details, you will be able to get it.

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The white color

As you know, the white color is the basis of the Nordic decoration. In your kitchen, you can use it on the walls and also on the furniture. If space is somewhat reduced it will make it visually appear broader. Then you can add notes of color through other decorative elements such as plants, tableware in sight, some textile as a carpet … Combined with gray also offers an exceptional result.

Natural textures

Those touches of color, as we have said before, can come from natural elements that you can introduce in your Nordic cuisine. It will look great dry branches, colorful flowers and other elements made with materials such as wicker or rattan for storage baskets, for example. And, of course, green plants, aromatic, for example, or as you like…

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Hung pans

The Nordic style, so pure, so white and resplendent, does not stick well with disorder. Therefore, in the kitchen it is important to have systems that allow us to have surfaces as clear as possible. One way to do this is by hanging the pots and pans hanging from the walls or even from the ceiling. You can also put glass jars in sight for pasta or spices.

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Tiles on the wall

Another of the hallmarks of the Nordic kitchens are the tile tiles that you can place on the wall where the fires are, for example. It is usually rectangular beveled, but can also be very cool in square format. Personally, the rectangular ones are my favorite ones.

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If white is one of the pillars of the Scandinavian style the wood is the other. You can use it on the floor, with vinyl floors that imitate wood and are more comfortable for the kitchen, and also on furniture and countertops. If it is clear, the room will be much brighter, although if it is darker it will create some nice contrasts with the white. Look at this example how beautiful it is, and also the tiles that I told you before.

Colored chairs

One idea that I really like for this type of kitchens is to place chairs of different shapes and colors to add a touch of joy to the stay. If you do not want to totally white with this proposal you will have a more fun and colorful air. You can put them metal, for example, that will contrast with the wood of the furniture or the floor.


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