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Smart technology has the potential to make life much easier and streamline activities – anything from getting out of bed in the morning to locking up at night. Investing in automated systems and appliances with Wi-Fi capability and mobile integration is one of the simplest ways to join the smart home revolution. As with any connection to the internet, you’ll want to make sure you’re safe.

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When it comes to home automation, the security of your personal Internet of Things is of paramount importance. The internet of things is as simple as connecting your Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker to your smartphone to make sure you wake to freshly brewed coffee every morning. However, any internet connection can be vulnerable to hackers and security breaches. A home network that connects things like alarms, door locks and even medical information is the last system you want anyone gaining access to.  For secure Integrated security systems, contact

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It’s much easier to start with a secure system than to try and patch up an insecure one. Certain devices emphasise security as a top priority, and those are the devices you want to work with. Focus on things like the available encryption strength or a company’s commitment to long-term security support. Look for developers that encourage sustainability in addition to a convenient user experience as you don’t want a system that will be completely vulnerable and outdated in a matter of months.

The security of your home network can be either a critical line of defence or a weakness. It’s good advice to set your router to employ the strongest encryption available. In most cases, a WPA2 encryption combined with a secure password is the safest.


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