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romantic classic and modern
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A new romantic: classic and modern

When we think of the romantic look, we imagine delicate, sweet, luminous and relaxing interiors. However, the romantic style can also be groundbreaking, innovative and daring. The key? Combine it with pieces that overflow character and personality.

A perfect aesthetic for romantic hearts with innovative spirit. So it is this romantic: classic but at the same time daring. In other words, pure eclecticism. Do you dare with it? Discover the keys to the new romantic: classic and modern.

romantic classic and modern
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With flowers and crazy

Flowers (stamped or natural) are the hallmark of the most traditional romanticism. The new romantic also resorts to them, but does so in a different way. To give a new look to the romantic of always the ideal is to resort to flowers in lush colors that help us to break with that calm and relaxing atmosphere typical of the classic settings.

Another fabulous idea is to replace traditional vases and pots with design pieces or subtle transparencies. That is, innovative designs that bring an unexpected and breakthrough in a romantic and classic interior.

romantic classic and modern
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Full Color Details

In the romantic scenarios, the light and bright colors predominate, which convey the relaxing and serene atmosphere that characterizes this decorative style. The new romantic that we propose in healthyhouseplans takes advantage of these soft colors but combines them with brushstrokes in daring tones, such as purple, fuchsia, etc.

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It looks for unexpected touches in the decoration that bring dynamism to the interior, breaking that sense of peace with small doses of energy in full color. Cushions, carpets, lampshades, vases and many other accessories.

romantic classic and modern
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Dare to mix

This famous saying already says: in the variety is the taste. That’s why our new romantic dares to mix textures, fabrics and materials in search of interiors of great beauty and decorative richness.

Wool, velvet, silk, linen, wood, metal, ceramics … The mixtures of materials and textures elevate the good taste of the decoration, thus enriching the style and giving a new air to the romantic as always.

And when we talk about blends, we also mean the fusion of finishes and coatings. For example, the warmth of the wood blends in perfectly with the glamor of metallic and gold-plated surfaces.

In this sense, this new romantic dares to enrich their interiors with furniture with mirror effect that provide a sophisticated and breakthrough point to traditional designs. Thus classic details such as moldings and delicate furniture made of turned lines perfectly combine with sophisticated touches and glam such as metallic pieces (copper, gold, silver …) and more modern accessories such as abstract paintings.

Speaking of shapes and designs, this romantic also encourages us to combine the delicate and soft curves that look classic and Frenchified designs with other pieces of straight lines typical of contemporary interiors. The result is an interior of great beauty and perfect aesthetic balance.

romantic classic and modern
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Customize your romantic

The personal touch of this new romantic comes in charge of the breakthrough details that apparently no one would expect to find in a classic interior. For example, plaids, cushions and rugs with animal print or even some exotic piece like a carved wood panel. This type of designs put a wild and unexpected touch to the romantic decoration and work very well with pieces as elegant as the capitation upholstery.


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