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Christmas tables 2016
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Zara Home Christmas tables 2016

Does this year touches you organize meals and Christmas dinners? Well, you would better begin and think about the dishes that you will offer your guests! Moreover, we suggest you start planning the decoration of the table for these special occasions, because it depends largely your friends and / or family a good or bad impression with. And you know what they say, right? The first impression is what counts!

If you want to play it safe, we recommend that you take a look at the proposals to decorate the table offered at Zara Home that certainly is one of our favorite decorating firms. And that does not take as many years on the market as others. As you can see yourself having a look at the images that we show in our gallery, the new Christmas collection Inditex brand is led by the gold, the silver, white, red and gray. It is also important that you consider that will allow you to achieve extremely elegant tables. Would you like to find out more details on the proposals to decorate the table Zara Home? Well, join us!

Christmas tables 2016
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Tablecloths and napkins

We must recognize that what we love about the proposals of the brand to decorate the table at Christmas are the tablecloths, which come with matching napkins. Typical Christmas colors like red, gold and silver How could it be otherwise, they are present. In addition, many designs include patterns Christmas as the stars and reindeer. On the other hand, we want to mention that this year have gained popularity tablecloths in shades of gray, colors ideal for Christmas decorations Nordic style.

Individual and roads

Christmas collection of Zara Home also finds plenty of place mats and table runners. We especially like the white individual with rhinestones and those shaped leaf. As for table runners, we highlight the one you want “Merry Christmas” in different languages.

Christmas tables 2016
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How could it be otherwise, the brand also offers suggestions on glassware? In this case highlights on glasses and bottles of colored red, although you can also find glass designs with gold details.

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If this year you want to use tableware to forward the Christmas spirit, we recommend that you do not miss the proposals of Zara Home, which offers dishes, saucers and sets in red, gold, gilt -edged, with stars drawn with reindeer … In addition, the company proposes dishes and trays with Christmas shapes.


Inditex firm does not forget any details, so it also offers different cutlery. Highlights that are bathed in gold, steel and they are recorded. In any case, all of them will help to give an elegant touch to your table decoration touch.

Christmas tables 2016
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Coasters and napkin rings

Of course, Christmas Collection brand also you can find coasters, napkin rings and mats, which stand out as being very Christmas. We especially like napkin rings shaped holly and coasters with message.

Kitchen textiles

Finally, we comment that collection you can also find proposals kitchen textiles: towels, potholders, mitts, aprons … There is something for all tastes, but they all stand out as being very Christmas.


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