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House in Poland
House Plan

Near the house, a modern detached house in Poland

Today I invite you to travel to Poland and specifically to the town of Borowiec to discover a special detached modern house designed by the study mode: lina™. It is a house of 290 square meters consisting of two blocks with sloping ceilings becomes a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional style. The raw materials used are concrete, brick and gray plate. Then we discover every detail of the House Fence.

House in Poland
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Why House Fence?

The facade facing the street has smaller windows throughout the house to protect its occupants from noise and provide greater peace of mind. In addition, various types of fences add an extra security to this house, hence receives the name of the House Fence.

A car in the hall

One of the features that attracted the most attention of this place is the great hall window in which an exhibited car owner’s property in a bucket. Red this vehicle creates a dramatic contrast to the rest of the tones employed in this decoration.

House in Poland
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The kitchen

This house has a stunning kitchen that practically introduced into the garden through huge windows and has a beautiful island of sturdy wood and a large metal lamps. Connect to the area of the dining room, where a wooden table with chairs also different styles presides over this space, also very bright and welcoming.

The room

The living room is a large open space with a wall of exposed brick, high ceilings and original wooden table that brings a touch of warmth to this light and airy space also provided with large windows overlooking the garden. The paintings that decorate the room are placed flat on the floor and not hanging, which give it a very cool air get to this space.

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Another of the most interesting parts of this house is a mezzanine, which houses an incredible library that was built with old oak beams from an old house in Poznan and contrasting with the steel roof beams. It is located on the lounge area.

House in Poland
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The bedrooms

The bedrooms of children and the elderly are a real preciousness. The small has two beds located in parallel with a wooden structure that simulates that each of them is a small house. The study table, floor and wooden beams in sight contrasting with the gray of the closet. In the older wood is, also, the great protagonist, since the beams left exposed and the rest of the house and the bed is wood. The type barn doors give this room a unique personality.

The shape of the building

The shape of the building was determined by the function they wanted fulfilled. The family that lives there, two parents and two children, wanted to live independently, hence it is divided into two parts. The separated on the first floor area allows older enjoy the tranquility while children can play and have fun in their personal space. The ground floor is the common area for everyone.


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