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Decoration of the apartment 10 decor ideas of the living room

There is an exciting time for preparations for the New Year holidays. On this occasion, we offer you a selection of the most beautiful and elegantly decorated festive living rooms, as well as ideas that will help create the same beauty in your home.

December is full of pleasant troubles and the expectation of New Year’s miracles. To make the holidays fun and carefree, we recommend that you start preparing the preparations right now. And the best way to start is to create a thematic decor in the living room. Ideas for decorating an apartment or house for the new year are lower. We propose to take a virtual walk through the most beautiful festive rooms, the charming design of which will surely inspire you to decorate the feat. In addition, in this article, you will find ten ideas-tips for creating a New Year’s decor of the living room.

Living room: Thematic color schemeliving room

Change the color accents of the living room to the traditional New Year. Depending on the prevailing basic shades, you can choose one of the most popular traditional combinations for yourself: white with red, green with red, silver with white and blue or with original variations on the theme of crimson, purple, pink and gold. Read more: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Having a Quonset Hut Built

Having defined the decorative color palette, try to stick to it even in small things. Textiles, toys, garlands, candles and other holiday attributes should carry a single color message in the decoration of the house.

Natural decorationliving room

Traditional New Year’s tinsel does not always fit harmoniously into the interior. A perfect alternative to garlands and balls will be natural cones, dry twigs, needles and even fruits (for example oranges that resemble balls in shape). They fit perfectly into the New Year’s concept and also do not fight! And if you think that the natural accessories look not elegant enough, they can always be transformed with the help of gold or silver paint. Read more: Four Types of Flooring Installation Explained

Original Christmas treeliving room

Of course, Christmas tree – an integral attribute of the New Year’s decor of the living room. However, if the room is too small to install a full-fledged festive tree, or if you simply do not want to remove the needles from all the cracks for the next few weeks, you can go for a small trick and create an alternative to the fir-tree.

This is a wall panel. To create it, you can use anything: a garland, toys, decorative stickers or any other elements that you will be able to fix on the wall.


The tapes always look smart. Use them to tie the curtains, hang Christmas toys (and not only on the Christmas tree but also on the wall or lamps). Under the Christmas tree or in the fireplace portal, you can put a few decorative gifts, which will also be decorated with ribbons. When choosing ribbons, remember the festive color scheme.

New Year’s pillows

Decorative pillows with themed Christmas decorations or made of elegant shiny fabric (in color to the basic color motives) are skilfully underlined by a celebratory theme. You can buy them or make them yourself. Spent money and effort will not be wasted, as such bright accents enliven the interior regardless of the time of the year.

Garlandsliving room

Well, what a New Year’s decor without the festive lights of garlands! Here it is worth recalling that they can be used not only to decorate the tree. The decorative potential of garlands is much wider. With their help, you can make a decorative wall panel, a glowing inscription, window curtains, lighting for furniture.

Fireplace portal

If your house has a real fireplace, you are very lucky. After all, it can become the focus of the New Year’s decor of the living room. But if the fireplace is not there, you can still have time to equip a decorative fireplace mantelpiece in the room. And then it’s a little thing: the Christmas composition of candles, needles, and toys on the mantelpiece, a few bright socks for gifts and beautifully packaged gifts instead of firewood.

New Year’s smells

If there is a living fir in your living room, a pleasant aroma of pine needles in the room is guaranteed. But if the tree is artificial or completely absent, you can use aromatic oils with a characteristic odor. In addition to the aroma of pine needles, the smell of chocolate and cinnamon are appropriate in the New Year’s interior.

Sledliving room

Do you want to shine with originality? Use the sled in the decor. They can perfectly fit into the New Year’s interior, especially if they are made of wood or rattan and decorated with the appropriate New Year attributes.

Sleds can serve as a stand for a Christmas tree, an original coffee table, a place for folding gifts, an extra seat for the youngest guests or even the basis for the decorative composition of the New Year’s table. The main thing is that the size of the sled should be comparable with the size of the objects of the environment.

New Year’s Retro Poster

For those who are not familiar with the traditional approach to decorating a holiday, retro posters with New Year themes will help to create an original atmosphere in the living room. They will give the living room a special style and, perhaps, a piquant charm.

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