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Apartment in Oslo
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Bright and cozy apartment in Oslo

If the warm and cozy feeling that provides a wonderful natural light we add a decoration, we can be in front of a house with charm. In addition, not have to be a house of enormous size … Take for example this small apartment in Oslo that dates back to 1917 but has been renovated. Moreover, what good taste, indeed. We are going to give us a tour of this bright, practical, simple but very effective home. Of those that, like I always say, want to be. Do you want to know from the inside? I explain and teach all below.

Apartment in Oslo
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The original distribution

Before the remodeling, kitchen and living room were separated. One of the main objectives wanted to achieve with this reform was to have ample space and for that, the partition separating these two rooms for natural light also flooded the kitchen also pulled.

The result

Now, with living room and kitchen together, the space is enlarged. Visually these two rooms are separated by fireplace cement in soft green color. Brown wall reflections in the room with golden tones remains of the old building. Through soil, it has also sought the visual differentiation, since in the kitchen the same oak floor in the living room left but with a different reason.

Apartment in Oslo
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The kitchen

The kitchen is starring some furniture in soft blues with handles vintage for a design with some retro and romantic touch. These soft colors and wooden countertops make the space very welcoming. It has an office with an L – shaped bench and table, and from the window, you can admire beautiful views of the Oslo fjord.

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The dining area

Elegant and simple at the same time, in this very pleasant space found a table the same shade as the kitchen furniture and chairs with touches vintage contrasting with a chair with something more modern style. The ceilings of this area and lounge are very high and with beautiful moldings.

The use of plants

In every room of this apartment we are a plant. This makes the housing is filled with life and nature reaches every one of its corners, creating a very special decoration with simply the use of plants green placed in different containers, from wicker baskets to vases.

Apartment in Oslo
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The bedroom and bathroom

We go now to the bedroom, that although uses some more intense colors, is again becoming a place that favors the relationship and rest. It has recovered an armchair upholstered in denim that gives you an incredible touch. We passed to the bathroom where you can enjoy equally, plenty of natural light that increases with the use of white color. What most beautiful spaces, do not you think?

The Ville

This apartment is located in a villa of 240 square meters spread over four floors. Villa Solbakken is in Vækerø, a neighborhood district of Ullern Oslo. It is the smallest of all those found in the building housing.


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