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Freestanding Baths – 5 Benefits you can Enjoy with a Freestanding Bath in your Home

Whether as part of a bathroom remodel or new bathroom design, the decision to include a freestanding bath is a smart choice. Not only does it add a unique design element to the overall layout, it also provides some clear benefits you can enjoy.

Here are 5 benefits related to freestanding baths:

  1. Flexibility

While traditional baths were required to be placed against a wall – a freestanding bath allows you much greater flexibility in terms of bathroom layout. You can locate the bathtub anywhere within the room to suit your plan and optimize space available. Freestanding baths lend themselves to being located centrally within the room; space allowing.

  1. Unique Style

A freestanding bath makes a bold style statement – in a unique way. No other bathroom element can do the same. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, the freestanding bath can actually be used as the centerpiece, focusing attention on it and not on other bathroom fixtures. Nothing says style and elegance more than a freestanding bath in the centre of the room.

Freestanding Baths

  1. Designs for everyone

It’s not only the range of colours which is extensive. Freestanding baths today come in an ever-increasing range of designs, capable of satisfying the design and style requirements of any budding interior designer. From small to oversize tubs, square and oval, vintage or contemporary, you’ll be sure to find a design of freestanding bath to suit your tastes and the space you have available in your bathroom.

  1. Choice of materials

Again, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to selecting what your freestanding bath is made from. Go for that vintage look with copper or enamel finishes, or stainless steel for an ultra-modern sleek finish. Cast iron, stone and lightweight acrylics are also widely available, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you opt for a heavier material such as stone or cast iron – make sure your flooring will be able to withstand the extra weight. If necessary, additional support can be installed prior to installing the bath.

  1. Creation of space

Possibly one of the unique aspects of a freestanding bath is its ability to immediately make even the smallest bathroom look larger than it actually is. With being open on all sides, it creates the feeling of greater space, even within a confined bathroom, and also allows natural light to reflect off surfaces it might not otherwise – creating an overall feeling of openness.

So if you’re tempted by the idea of a freestanding bath – go for it – you’ll find there’s very little limitation when it comes to design, materials and colours to fit with any existing or planned new bathroom – and the finished effect is always stunning.


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