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7 Decorating ideas for your summer holidays

Having a terrace or garden is all a “luxury” that takes full advantage of the arrival of good weather. Now spring back to put our outside to enjoy good times in these spaces and, in summer, nights are the big players, because when low heat wants more being outdoors dining or having a good time.

Whether for night or day, today we will see some decorating ideas for your summer parties. With summer party I am referring, for example, a dinner with friends, a barbecue, a picnic, a birthday … All accompanied by some music, food, drink, the best of company and a decoration that view especially around this environment. You are thinking prepare? Well, let’s see how these seven proposals.

Decorating ideas
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1 – A theme party

One of these ideas is to decorate your party thematically, for example, tropical style, Ibizan, hippie, noventero … Whatever you can think of! You must choose a decoration; colors, dishes and any foreign element that fits that theme, you can even ask your guests to come dressed like this, so that everything is perfectly set.

2 – Garlands of light

If the summer party takes place in the evening and night, nothing better than putting beautiful garlands of light to illuminate a very special way this meeting. You can place them on the branches of trees in the guardrails or joining the walls of your deck or porch, for example.

Decorating ideas
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3 – Posters

Like a wedding it were, placed several posters on your terrace or garden, especially if this space is quite large and the party has distinct differences areas as drink area, food area, dance area … The wooden or metal they will help you design a room vintage very cool and quiet.

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4 – Flowers

In summer you cannot miss flowers that give joy and color to your celebration. Add them as a centerpiece or decorating chairs, also in a special corner of this outside area.

5 – Decorate with drink

There are many ways to decorate your party with drink. You can put some carts with ice to place and it is all very nice and cool while, or a decorative metallic colored cubes also with ice, or even on the table or in a bar created for it, with decorative straws or introducing colorfully through the drink itself, glasses, bottles and jars.

Decorating ideas
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6 – Chill out zone

After lunch, snack or dinner who will feel like sit and enjoy the music and conversation in a relaxing and invigorating chill out area. Place for it many cushions, poufs and a hammock where you can spend a very pleasant moment with our cocktail and our friends.

7 – Candles

The candles will help you create a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can put them on the table, large candle holders along the way, spread across the terrace or even no floating to introduce them in the pool, a delicate lighting and atmosphere with a lot of personality.


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