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3 Simple strategies to fill our home calm and positivity

To achieve that calm reigns in the home, and promote healthy relationships among family members, we must ensure that there is light and natural space.

Positivity is, above all, an emotion that we perceive from the outside and that, in turn, can also create internally with our attitude and emotional openness to influence others.

Believe it or not, our homes also have their “special energy”, but in this case we refer to that environment basically their own people create with their interactions, emotions and lifestyle.

A family accustomed to arguing, shouting and create conflicts creates a tense and uncomfortable environment where no one is going to feel at ease. In turn, dark lighting, with very untidy and full spaces also generates breathlessness and discomfort.

home calm and positivity
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So, we can say that the perception of calm and positivity of a home is formed by the interaction daily of those who inhabit and the physical space of the house itself.

In the following article we propose simple strategies that, through small changes, the perception of your home will transmit greater balance and well – being . Would you like to take note?

1. The calm that generates light

Our home may not have much space, we do not have terraces or balconies, and the windows are not very large.

If this is so, we must make the most of all those spaces where between natural light, because if there is an element able to give us calm and positivity are the sunlight.

Please note the following suggestions to maximize the light of our home and enhancing it even more:

  • Tall windows are generating a more uniform illumination.
  • Paint the window frames and doors white. In this way, we create an atmosphere where the light reverberates with greater intensity and naturalness to offer calm.
  • If at all possible, the act of installing glass doors will make the light flow from a very nice way, giving even greater sense of space in the home.
  • Mirrors are also very suitable to provide more light to the different rooms, and warm colors for the walls.
  • Also do not forget that when using the white linen curtains, organza or chiffon are ideal.

2. Decorative elements positively charged

As you know, the “feng shui” (literally “wind and water”) is the Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin that teaches us how the arrangement of furniture in our home mode, and the elements therein include, impacts our emotional balance.

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Whether we believe in this type of current or not, it is still interesting the concept of how certain materials, lights or orientation of objects and furniture in our home we affect one way or another.

  • Consider, for example, in the clear effect of placing our workspace (where we have the computer, or where we cook, or where we draw or we weave …) in front of a window or to a wall. The change is striking.
  • Now think about how we usually calm relax certain objects, such as mobile pendants, plants, stones, fountains, candles or incense. All this has a clear impact on our senses and our brain.
  • To take advantage of all these benefits, think about what you relax you. If you like scented candles, expandable folders in strategic areas. Anything with “light” and have some natural component (wood, stone, natural fibers) always creates a pleasant calm.

3. A corner of life and calm

Plants are life. Generate light, color, movement and stimulate both our senses and our calm. No matter if your home is not very broad: always have some little corner where to build a “small area of peace.”

Do not hesitate to make smaller collaborate on this project since thereby strengthen the link with them and propitiate they can also distract and find calm in this part of the house.

Instead of a garden, if we wish, we can create a corner where to place those plants that are able to purify our home.

To conclude, as you see, these three ideas are simple to apply at home.

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, a home with more light, warm colors and relaxing objects will generate definitely calmer in us but certainly the family dynamic is the engine that most impact usually in “energy charge” of a home.

So, take care of your relationships and always favors positive emotions at home.


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