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Indoor and Outdoor Rangehoods

Australians all over the country are upgrading the equipment they use for cooking in their homes. You can use indoor and outdoor rangehood for a variety of functions and they are an essential component of any cooking operation. Because there will be smells, odours, steam, grease, smoke and other airborne particles while a meal is being cooked, it is important to have these filtered out of the cooking area. Odours and grease can fall onto surfaces and create an unpleasant experience later on, while smoke, steam and airborne particles might not be good when breathed in.

Whether you are cooking indoors in a kitchen or outdoors in any other way than a barbecue or grill, rangehoods can be a great asset.

Indoor and Outdoor Rangehoods

Outdoor Events

Most outdoor events don’t bother with a rangehood because there is enough ventilation just by the fact that you are outdoors! On the other hand, if the cooking area is under a covered surface such as a tent or a canopy, then you will need to consider a range top that will remove the smoke and steam in an efficient manner through a chimney. This will ensure that the people working in the kitchen are not exposed to any smoke and will make their experience better.

Maintenance of a Rangehood

As these devices get a lot of use, it is important to keep them clean and well-maintained. You will need to clean the filter in the unit at least once a month to make sure that any particles from grease have not built up. There is also a separate grease trap that will need to be cleaned, as well as surfaces and pipes that should be scrubbed clean as well. Generally you don’t need to clean everything but the filter on a regular basis, but during your annual spring cleaning it can help to really give it a good once over!

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