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Hut in Australia
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A house built on a hut in Australia

We like to travel in search of spectacular and beautiful houses that make us daydream. That is why today we go to Lorne, a coastal city located in Australia, where we discover this house that has been redesigned by the study of architects Austin Maynard. Their owners showed these professionals their beautiful cabin, located on the mountain near the ocean. It was of great value to them and for this reason they did not want to get rid of it.

With this solution they managed to have a new home, with a spectacular view to the ocean, without having to demolish their beloved cabin. Do you want to know how they got it? We’ll tell you everything next.

Hut in Australia
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How Australians lived

As they explain from the architects’ study in charge of this reform, during the postwar period many Australians had a house in the city and a cottage on the beach or in the woods. The urban home served to project an image of improvement and an attitude of aspiring to be something more, while the cabin allowed people to leave that social facade and be themselves. Now, these cabins are being demolished to be replaced by large houses. Although, in this case, the fact of replacing and avoiding the existing cabin has been avoided.

A house above the cabin

In this way, this house is a kind of independent wooden box that floats on the original hut. The raised extension sits on top of a heavy wooden structure and in it we find the kitchen, dining room and living room. It is accessed via a spiral staircase. The old kitchen was transformed into a second bathroom and laundry, and there were virtually no changes.

Hut in Australia
Image Source: Google Image

Open housing

The owners wanted to save the cabin and create at the same time a space that was not only focused on providing spectacular views. It offers them, but it is much more. The interior lighting is very evocative and allows you to work or prepare a meal comfortably, without flooding the space with light or compromising the view. The windows go from floor to ceiling on the north side allowing the landscape to enter the interior of the house.

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Sustainability is the core of this house. It was a challenge to maximize the use of glass and at the same time achieve thermal efficiency, however, it has been possible to create great views without compromising performance. Most of the glass faces north and all windows are double-glazed with thermally separated frames. A system on the windows allows to protect from the summer sun and obtain an optimal passive solar gain in winter.

Hut in Australia
Image Source: Google Image

A clear space with sea views

This raised structure on the original hut is formed by a diaphanous space in which coexists the kitchen with the living room and allows to enjoy incredible views towards the sea. It emphasizes the use of wood in floors, ceilings, beams and furniture, combined with pleasant textiles, which makes it a most welcoming place to enjoy with family.


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